Blog Tip: About Page Photo Idea

I have a blogging tip that I think may help those of you looking to pretty up your About page on your blog while also keeping things comfortable from a privacy perspective. I am currently immersed in teaching my online class, Blogging Your Way, and my students are keeping me on my toes for sure! It's amazing to me how C R E A T I V E my brain becomes when I'm surrounded by curious students - their questions challenge me and for this I am grateful. It's so easy once you been doing something like blogging professionally for 8 years to stick with what you know. c1

For instance, one student recently asked about online privacy. She wants people to see what she looks like but isn't entirely comfortable posting her photo on her blogs' About Page (bio). I totally get it. You may want to grow your readership and you know to do this, readers enjoy seeing you in some form - even if you're not looking straight into the camera, because it helps build trust and credibility online. So, how do you maintain a bit of anonymity while still fostering an environment of trust if you're going to show your photo - doesn't that sorta blow it? One way, as I explained to her, is to work with an illustrator to create a fun sketch to show who you are without filling in all of the details. It could be watercolor, pencil, whatever... As long as it matches your blog template and overall vision. You are still sharing your identity but also, in a way, you're not. And that can feel really good for some people and I respect that.



These examples are illustrations that are both affordable and not super-detailed that I think could work, by Todd Borka. Based in Lyon, France, he creates the sweetest custom portraits and ships worldwide so you can frame them, etc but also you can talk to him about obtaining a small digital file that you can use on your blog. In his Etsy shop, you can see the images each of his illos are based on which I also liked and helped me to see that though they are close matches, they're not identical so most likely, your blog cover wouldn't be blown since an illustrated version of you is not the same as the real deal.

What do you think, do you like this blog tip? Have you already done something similar that you'd like to share? If so, leave the link to your About page in the comments section so everyone can have a peek.

Happy Friday!

(images todd borka)