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Hello everyone! To continue my mini series, Blogger's Favorites, we're going to tap into the brain of blogger and stylist Justina Blakeney out in LA. Justina loves a good boho 70s/80s style and plenty of plants, "stuff" and mixing vintage/garage sale finds. Her look is anything but streamlined - in fact, she believes "more is MORE" when it comes to decorating. She works with bold patterns and colors and blogs about her personal style and products on her blog several times a week. Justina is also a mother and is working on her debut decorating book, so she's definitely very busy at the moment which is why I'm so happy she has popped in today to give us her take on what's hot and what's not. about-justina

Ready to see what she's into at the moment? Here are her five faves:

g-star 1: Favorite look- Indigo and Turbans

kenzo 2: Favorite trend- Eyes! I've been seeing 'eyes' printed all over the place--and I love it! (check out that Kenzo jacket above!)

50530af7a63a725333ede5ff4c76c4ab[1] 3: Favorite object  - This giant crystal table from 1stDibs is insane.

LadyPotPlanter4 4: Something you see everywhere that is a fave of yours - Personified planters -- like these from The Sill.

Jungalow-Planter-4 5: Favorite miscellaneous - 1970's inspired hanging planters like these that I designed made by MFEO shown above.

* Why do you like these five things - what attracts you? I'm attracted by the element of surprise and tie-in to nature. * Tell us what trend you are totally tired of? POLKA DOTS. I still love them, but they are getting old. * What do you predict will be hot next? Marbleized goods--on fabric, paper and even furniture.

So nice to have you today Justina and to see your favorites! Follow Justina: Blog/ Pinterest account/ IG account

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(images linked to their sources above)