Blogging Your Way e-course Winners!

Did you win? You're about to find out! It's April 1st so for those of you who entered our contest you know what that means! Time to announce the 3 (I changed my mind, I'm giving away 5 seats!) lucky winners who will win a free seat in our April/May blogging e-course! But first, I want to thank everyone who entered, it was so encouraging to see the excitement this contest generated online and to read your comments and tweets. I'm so pumped and inspired to really rock the upcoming course with Tina Fussell so watch out! :) For those of you who haven't registered yet, we are nearly sold out so please don't delay if you want in since once we close registration, it's closed for good, since we only reserved a set amount if seats for this particular class so the group is smaller. If you want to learn about our class, beginning online April 18, CLICK HERE. If you want to join in on the fun, CLICK HERE. travelingmama_byw

Okay.... Drum roll and envelope pahleeseee!

The winners are... Click here.


If your name is listed below, please email Jessy Senti (Jessy at by April 15 to get your free seat! Seats are non-transferrable to other people or other classes that we teach or redeemable for cash value. Thank you!

Our 5 winners are:

#2 - All Things Nice

#16 Karolina - House Loves

#39 Sarah - Truly Blog

#77 Johanna - Pinkepank

#199 Eme - Cake PLC

image: Tina Fussell