My Office Sideboard - Vote For Your Favorite!

Has it really been three days since my last blog post? My goodness where does the time go in the summer? I have been out so much with the baby and so active that time is just flying by. I'm almost looking forward to the cold months when we can spend more time indoors when time seems to almost slow down... Of course, when winter comes I'm suddenly wishing for summer back so I guess the point is to just enjoy life day-to-day, right? How are you doing? We are fine - Aidan is only 6 months old and has two teeth popping up, is learning to crawl and already all over his room and my office the second I put him down on the rug! It's insane how quickly these darling babies grow yet at the same time each day feels so long when you're 'in' it. I care for him full-time and work full-time, and sadly my cleaning lady has been visiting her family in Poland for the past month so I've been caring for the home too on top of it all so it's been quite busy lately. I think when she returns next week I'll have to jump up and down and kiss her! favevote

So, here is the progress report for my office. I've decided to order a credenza and do a gallery wall over it. I've narrowed it down to a few from Fashion For Home. Do you want to see them? Right click on the image above to see these babies a little larger...Which do you like best? Sideboard Stig II #1, Sideboard Helvig I #2, Sideboard Stig I #3, Sideboard Helvig II #4 or Sideboard Loca #5? My vote is on 5 also shown below...


Curious to see what you think!

(images: fashion for home(