4 Affordable DIY Home Decorating Projects For Autumn

Looking for some Fall-ish DIYs for your home and patio? I used to LOVE when Anna Malin Lindgren was writing for decor8. Her DIY column was one that I looked forward too and even though it's been forever ago, I still miss her posts! Since so many of them were warm and cozy, and Fall is but a week away, I thought I'd highlight 4 of my favorites in case you are in need of Autumnal decorating inspiration on a budget. 5342609925_a41325674d_b

1 -- Branch Pendant DIY

5737594546_2ff72337ec_b 2 -- A quick office nook transformation

5832282433_9c6e4a03ff_b 3 -- Creating a cozy dream patio

6045633766_d62b1bc569_b 4 -- Handmade fabric wall hanging

Would you like to try any of these?

(images: anna malin lindgren)

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