Custom Picture Framing by Framed & Matted

Do you remember the beautiful work of Max Wanger that I shared back in August of 2013? Well I got a hold of one of his pieces called Tulum from Framed & Matted over the summer and I've been dying to share it. I've been super busy but finally got around to snapping some photos today. Would you like to see this pretty beachy scene? I really love the mellow tones of blue and green against the crisp white frame and my gray wall. framedandmatted3

I not only adore the print because I'm a total beach babe at heart (I grew up on the beach!), but also love that it's behind good great quality plexiglas since I'm not a fan of art behind glass these days, especially with a little curious baby boy in the house. Plus, I really like the ease of install with frames that are light and plexi that is also very light - you can install something like this on a single sturdy nail and be done with it. This isn't the final destination for this piece, I actually imagine it more in my bedroom, but for now I've leaned it against the wall in my dining area/work studio. Above the sideboard, by the way, will be the space where I plan to install my salon style art wall which I'll detail and share on the blog this month, so stay tuned for the before and after of that.



Thank you Framed & Matted for this gorgeous piece! I was given this piece in exchange for a review under the agreement that if I didn't like it, I would return it and not review it because that's how I roll - if I don't like something I am NOT standing behind it by posting it here! But I definitely stand behind this and love it - very pleased!

Hope you are having a nice weekend, it's been gorgeous and so Fall-ish here, I don't want it to end. I'm kicking and screaming into winter this year, I'm just not prepared for it! Wahhh! Endless autumn, please!

(images: holly becker for decor8)