Suite One Studio Ceramics

Oh my goodness when I saw these ceramics my heart exploded. So pretty. They are by fellow southerner Lindsay Emery at Suite One Studio and I'm in love. This tableware designer and ceramicist definitely does what she has set out to do - make mealtimes more beautiful. slide-image-4






That stack of bowls are just gorgeous and the ring dishes in watercolor-y blues and pinks - oh my! These ceramics make me so happy - everyone buy them for the holidays and support small biz! :)

EDIT: 12/6 - I awoke this morning to feed my baby, checked twitter, and found a stream of angry tweets by a blogger I've never heard from personally claiming I stole her images for this post. It was heart breaking as I work hard to credit all featured here and bring only happiness and hopefully traffic, to other bloggers. Instead of telling me, she took it to Twitter and told everyone else. As a result, some photos that were in this post have been removed. My apologies to the offended blogger but my goal was only to share something that touched my heart and made me happy. Have a nice weekend everyone. xo

(ceramics photos: suite one studio)