Dreaming of a Summer Cottage

Sometimes I just crave simplicity in my interiors, like this beautiful home in Norway from Boligpluss magazine -- a white blank space with loads of natural light near the coast - just as in my childhood days. I often daydream about a coastal vacation home in northern Germany or Denmark so little Aidan can enjoy holidays in a second home, a small and simple one, a place where we can all find comfort and create memories. I wonder if I should start cottage hunting in Denmark? Or perhaps coastal Germany? And I wonder where, what towns I should look at? We live in northern Germany and plan to stay here, and don't want to drive more than 5 hours to a vacation home. Less is more and I don't want a weekend trip to be spent with a full day on the road. Anyone have thoughts on this? Know of any charming seaside towns? AH1

This home below is in Norway, and I'm smitten with it. It's gorgeous. And makes me very happy.




I imagine a cottage much like this one for my very own. Definitely nothing large though it must have a lawn where I can set up an English-style flower garden, herb garden, shed, patio and a sandbox and swing for our little boy. It all sounds so charming as I type this and makes me smile big. I also imagine painting the outside with black paint and leaning a canary yellow bike against the porch. It all sounds so silly, I know. But I've been having this vision of owning a small second home for a very long time so perhaps it's time to stop dreaming. There is no perfect someday, right? You either do things now or you risk never having them at all.

A summer cottage and an office space/shop out of my current home studio. These are my two big dreams at the moment. I'm curious, what are yours?

(images: boligpluss)