Buy Some Damn Art

I'm always on the prowl for new art to fall in love with. We are exposed to so much these days, aren't we? When I was a child, I saw art in some magazines, in school books and during any exhibitions that rolled into town at the local museum. I remember seeing it in films in art class. Maybe you were lucky enough to live around artists and got to watch them paint in their studios - my mother painted and my aunt was a fine artist, so I was lucky to have artists in my family. Today, we all have a chance to see art from all over the world simply by sitting before a monitor and jumping online. What a lucky bunch we are. buysomedamnart1



I love these works above, in fact everything that you see (and more) is available on the Buy Some Damn Art website with works by Dana Robinson, Lauren George, Polly Shindler, Kayleigh Fichten, Sofia Arnold, Wendi Turchan and more. So go on, go buy some damn art!

(images: go buy some damn art)