Aether Cone For Music Lovers + A Giveaway!

If you want a stunning well-designed music player that you can speak to (and it listens, unlike your children!) and it delivers the music (or podcast, program, etc.) that you've asked for while also being portable and beautiful, then the Aether Cone will rock your world. aethercone2

I placed my Aether Cone in white/silver on my shelves in my dining room where I entertain the most and after testing it for several weeks now, I found it to be the perfect addition to the space without cluttering it up with cords, clunky equipment or having to dock my phone (I've always hated doing that with other players). It's also cordless because the battery lasts for 8 hours (there is a cord for plugging it in to a power source too in case you need it). I listen to my many playlists wirelessly and love it.


The Aether Cone is obviously wireless but also multi room, meaning you can pair multiple cones so you can hear the same song (or program, podcast, etc.) throughout the house without a single cord. I also like the discreet intuitive dial on the front on the rim of the cone so you can simply turn it and hear something similar to what you've been listening to. You can speak to it to change what is playing - there is no screen needed to change the song. It's seriously so cool.


With this cone you may also control your playlist by speaking to it as I've mentioned already OR by logging into your Rdio account (or other playlist) and stream music from there. You can play music from Spotify, Beats Music and Pandora and also from a phone, laptop or iPad or other tablet because it has Bluetooth. I really LOVE this feature.



To celebrate this wonderful product and my collaboration with Aether, we are giving away one cone valued at $399 USD in your choice of either black/copper or white/silver.

To win a cone please:

* Follow Aether on Instagram (if you have an IG account) * Comment below and tell us where you'd like to put your aether cone in your home and what some of your favorite music is * Leave your comment by Tuesday, April 7th, 5pm CET * This giveaway is for residents of the USA, UK and Canada only * Winner will be announced on my twitter account and this post will also update once the winner is chosen, between April 8-10th

This post in partnership with Aether but please note that I made an agreement with them that if I didn't like this product I would not review it, and because I fell in love with it, I was excited to bring this review and giveaway to all of you. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that allow me to do work that I love.

Updated April 14: The WINNER is Yvonne from Following Breadcrumbs! Congrats! 

(Photography: Thorsten Becker)