A Baby Update

Hello dear friends! I want to wish you a lovely and relaxing Easter weekend, whether you celebrate or not, please be safe and enjoy your friends and family and hopefully a long weekend with Monday as a vacation day! We are taking off on Monday to spend with Aidan's grandma so I won't be back on decor8 until Tuesday. Next week, I will pick the winner of our Aether Cone music player giveaway so please don't forget to enter here. You just may get lucky. Someone has to, why not let it be you? Holly Becker's baby from decor8

That's my "little" boy above in his Petit Bateau overalls and onesie. He looks so handsome in a fresh, clean stripe! He started crawling at nearly 6 months, walking before Christmas at 10 months and on April 9 he will be 14-months-old and he's already so clever and lovely and always running around and just so happy, happy, happy! He loves to open every drawer and cabinet, turn every key, go out each day in his stroller for long walks, play in the sand pit in the park with his friends who also have American mamas, and said Mama awhile back as his first word and hasn't stopped saying it since. Just this week he has now added Mommy. He loves to eat everything from bananas to Japanese mochi, croissant, smoked salmon, olives, avocado and shrimp. He adores books but at his age they usually end up in shreds so I'm saving the good ones, and those I had as a child, for later on when he doesn't eat them.

He sleeps from 7:30 - 7:00 each night - I know, right?! A blessing! He started sleeping through the night at around 10 weeks old so we got really lucky with this little guy, our only child. We've decided to just have one baby so he's always going to be an only and that's fine by us because I always said I only wanted one. Though after having a baby, if I were 30 again I would definitely have more kids. But my life is already so big, you know? I have so much going on and with one child, it all still feels so manageable and everyday feels busy but normal busy, not chaotic... When he goes to bed I'm not wiped out exhausted, and I can't be because I work until midnight or later once he has fallen asleep. I'm both career-oriented and family-oriented so I feel with one child, I get the best of both worlds and I don't want to rock the boat for me personally. I don't know if I could be like these super moms out there who can do it all. I feel like that's not my destiny. So I've decided that being content with my little guy is just fine.

He is everything and more as far as babies go - bright, curious, compassionate, caring, smart and very friendly. He has 7 teeth, very blue eyes like my mother and her side of the family, is about 82cm tall and wears a shoe size 22 - so he'll definitely be tall like me and my husband.

I still maintain that this little boy is THE best thing in my life that has ever launched through me. My books, this blog, all of the great successes I've had career-wise, I'm extremely grateful and hold all of them in very high esteem too. But nothing is like having my own child. I can't believe sometimes that I was on the fence for many years, waiting for the perfect time to have a baby, always wanting to have a family but also not willing to have one until things were just so. But then the clock ticked louder and louder as I approached 40 and thankfully my good friends gave me a "talkin' to" which is southern for a healthy lecture, and my baby came soon after. Good girlfriends ARE gold, the ones who say what you need to hear, not the ones who just support everything you do whether or not it's good for you.

Yeah so life is really nice with a baby. I feel so lucky to have him, especially as an older mom though it seems most moms over here are beyond 35 and just jumped over the 40 mark so I'm not alone. It's nice to have a little person who is so in love with me and even though a lot of times (he is already in his toddler stage with meltdowns, etc.) he is angry because I won't let him play with the knives or drink the shower gel or spray the glass cleaner into his mouth (!), I still see his big love for me the moment he falls or needs a hug or wants to cuddle. He knows his mama will love him forever and I will. When he runs to me in the playground with tear-stained cheeks because some kid stole his toy, I just want to press pause and have him stay this little forever. But then I think about how he'll someday be a teenager that I can watch Fast & Furious with (by then we'll be on what, number 30?), well that sounds pretty good to me too. I look forward to all of the stages of his life, but this toddler stage is definitely pretty hilarious at times then extremely heated and then in the flip of a switch, quite touching and sweet. You know, typical little one.

So that's my baby update. I try to keep him off of my blog and a healthy distance from my career but I know so many of you have followed me since I got pregnant and then, when I gave birth so many were very encouraged by his birth story, so I want to give you mini updates from time to time.  I post his photos a little more on my Instagram account @decor8 if you want to follow me over there but even on IG he's not splashed all over the place but he'll pop up over there more than here in case you would like more regular updates.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, whatever you do or with whomever - enjoy yourself!



(Photo: Holly Becker for decor8)