Print Club Boston: Fractured Gems Limited Edition Prints

One look at these beauties and I was taken! These stunning prints are by Boston-based artist Elizabeth Corkery of Print Club Boston, an online shop for stylish limited edition silkscreen prints. And bonus! They are affordable too. This collection below is called Fractured Gems and was inspired by the extravagance of 18th century jeweled snuffboxes and "micromosaics". bostonprintclub1 bostonprintclub

Elizabeth took close-up photos of original boxes from the V&A Museum collection and with some creative twists, turned them into prints. "In some prints, geometric shapes act as stand-ins for the cut jewels, while in others painterly brushstrokes mask out the jeweled arrangements and become their own subject." Each silkscreen is printed by hand and is part of a limited edition of only 30 and are embossed and numbered. I just love these great colors and patterns - so fun!

(images: boston print club)