Instagram Bootcamp e-course + All New Blogging Your Way

I am so super excited to share the rebrand and relaunch of my e-course website, Blogging Your Way and to tell you about our super special TWO WEEK e-course called Instagram Bootcamp. I was even able to buy the url ( and the name became a registered trademark a little over a year ago. I feel good about myself and my business and am very proud of the new site and although we just launched it last night and there are still tweaks, I already love the response we're getting. welcome_post

The slider images on the site were mostly* photographed by Susanne Irmer and feature friends of mine as models. I planned and styled the photography* to fit the rebrand, and everything technical was done by my husband, Thorsten. The hand written logo was created by Corina Nika. And speaking of, she and Leslie Shewring will be teaching a killer Instagram Bootcamp from June 1-15 online along with yours truly. The outline is here. It will take your IG to new levels, trust me. Here is the core outline below. Look at what you are going to learn in just 15 days. Talk about a bootcamp!


CORE CURRICULUM  Instagram accounts that are a success and why Planning your IG photos for more likes Photography tips and tricks Photo styling that works What's the importance of "the grid"? How to write the best, short bio ever Filters, filters, filters! Using the "Explore" feature to your advantage The art of the perfect selfie Team up to build followers How to effectively use hashtags for your brand What kind of photos work for you? Why authenticity and consistency matter How to attract clients and customers The importance of tagging Why you should add a location and how Manners 101 How to lose followers (yes, you need to know!) What's trending on Instagram What makes the most viral image from color to subject How to make your Instagram account reflect your style How to earn money using Instagram that won't upset your followers How to team up with companies to gain exposure and earn cash

Register here.

Hope to see you in class!

*the shot of the lady wearing striped at the desk was taken by Kelly Brown. the shot of the lady holding the flowers was taken by my husband.

Now I'm off to work on the all new decor8 because this blog is currently undergoing a major overhaul too! The new decor8 will go live around June 1.

Have a great day, everyone!

xo Holly