Yoga & Breakfast Events in Stockholm

Are you doing yoga regularly? What do you like about it? I did lots of yoga positions when I was pregnant and later, I relied on certain poses to relax my muscles and encourage delivery. As a general practice though, I am not into yoga at all. My friends are different, they are so dedicated and go at least 3-4 times a week. I'm so inspired by their commitment to mind and body and wonder if I need to give it a try too. An outlet for me to plug into right now which encourages mindfulness, builds strength and increases blood flow, flexibility and brings more self awareness sounds positively lovely. belan3

Now that my son is sleeping consistently 3 hours a day, I could definitely fit it in during nap time or in the evening when he's asleep. Hmmm. I've been doing some research lately and it seems there is a huge trend (at least in Europe) to attend yoga retreats in beautiful, tropical locations. Have you noticed the same where you live? I recently stumbled across another concept called Yoga & Breakfast, which is equally interesting to me.

Founder, Yoga instructor, recipe developer, photographer and stylist (wow, right!?) Belén Vazquez Amar, is originally from Barcelona but currently is based in Stockholm. She offers her traveling Yoga & Breakfast workshops to studios where she brings together food and fitness, and I find the idea so calming, unexpected and heartwarming. You can learn more about her upcoming events on her Facebook page, too.









Yoga and a delicious healthy meal all at once? Sounds so nice.

(photos: marta vargas)