Trends: 8 Leaves To Love + Tropical Leaf Decor Ideas


I'm loving the current tropical leaf trend, aren't you? From clothing patterns (I have a pair of tropical print camouflage pants that I adore) to patterns for parties, the home and beyond, it's such a fresh and inspiring take on greenery that veers a little away from the paired-back Kinfolk lifestyle which incorporates lots of houseplants to something more tropical and vacation-like. I love seeing leafy greens used as decoration in unique ways outside of the typical potted plants, too. And of course, you can bring this trend into your home outside of the obvious through leaf patterns, a single palm frond in a vase, leaves on the table, as wallpaper and more. A simple leaf can add so much life to your rooms and wardrobe.

leaftrend2 (lovely leaf backdrop from Almost Makes Perfect)

I thought one helpful tip to share with you today would be to provide a leaf chart so you know the actual names of the most popular ones out there currently. Even if your local florist doesn't stock them, you can intelligently name them and request they order some for you if they're willing. You earn so much more respect from the pros when you're armed with correct names! You also get what you want. Of course, you can also go to craft stores and find faux versions which can be almost as nice though I always prefer real over faux when it comes to plants and flowers. However, if can't get real or real is too rare or expensive where you live, then opt for a little plastic fantastic. Since they're not fragrant, no one may even notice. So... Would you like to see the chart? 

This chart came from Justina's blog from several months ago and I just love it. So helpful! I didn't know that a Monstera leaf was really known more commonly as a split leaf philodendrom. Here's a large view of a split leaf philodendrom below the chart so you can see what it looks like potted.leaftrendchart4


What a beauty, as seen on Pop Sugar.


Love this palm frond party idea from Studio DIY photograph by Mary Costa.


More great ways to bring the tropics into you home on walls, tabletops and in clear vases. 1. Dwell 2.Gardenista 3. Rosa Beltran Design 4. Studio DIY.


Pair greenery up with salmon pink for an unexpected fresh burst of color. I love this photo by Paper n Stitch.


As black and white art in a kitchen, from Fantastic Frank Berlin.


Another idea is more common but still worth mentioning -- put plants on the window ledge so they catch the light and add atmosphere - but also not just in pots, also a few fronds in a vase work beautifully too. Windowsills are so boring without a plant or some flowers don't you agree? These images are from Fantastic Frank Berlin.


A variety of leaves arranged on a fireplace mantle, what a great idea as seen at Anthropologie. I also like seeing plants loaded into a work area that is sparely decorated otherwise (photo from Hviit). Seeing what April & May did with leaves on the wall looks amazing too - just like wallpaper! And finally, look how edgy and glam tropical leaves can look when paired with jet black. Wow!

How are you using tropical leaves at home at the moment? Any tips or ideas to share?

Have a nice day everyone, hope your Monday is a great one!