Painting My Workspace Pink Ground!


So I had this idea before Aidan was born to paint my entryway pink. I ordered Pink Ground from Farrow & Ball and hired a painter. The second he swiped it on, I grew more skeptical with each stroke. I needed to be a believer and 100% on team pink before allowing him to go any further and I just wasn't. It was definitely the wrong choice for the space and I realized that it was because the entry has no windows and the color looked quite muddy there and absorbed the little light I had instead of reflect it. I needed something bright, even a bit flashy and shiny to bring in the natural light from the surrounding rooms, so I went with an over-the-top gold pineapple wallpaper (post here) by Aimee Wilder instead and never looked back. I love it. workspace_decor8_Before

But I still have two massive buckets of Pink Ground paint and it's been bugging me for months that it's just sitting in storage. It's too good to waste Farrow & Ball paint, it's such a gorgeous brand and their colors are so bomb! That's when I had this idea while redecorating my office that I'd paint one entire wall pink. The room needs something to bring in color but also fun. My work room is flooded in sunlight from sunrise to sunset, so it's also the perfect room for pink - it won't turn too muddy or orange as it would in a room without windows. With paint, it's all about which direction you're windows are facing and if you even have windows or natural light at all. Also a major consideration. I have to style my Muuto stacked shelving system, and I need to figure out the seating around the work table (this is not my dining room but my office), but so far, so good. Also have to hang art and buy some plants. But yes, this will be the future home of Pink Ground. At least on the wall shown, I'm keeping the rest of the room white.

When the paint goes up on August 11th, I will definitely photograph the space during for those of you who follow my Instagram feed (@decor8), and later, the after right here on my blog so you can see how it came out. I'll also give you a full tour of the space then, too. Then I can link all of the furniture and goodies in it.

Pink Ground is very grown up - it's pink borderline salmon so it definitely has a very Danish vibe to it and that's what I like. It's a muddy pink with orange in it, I guess that's a good way to describe it. I feel like that tone will work nicely with the woods in this room and break up all of the white so the furniture against the wall stands out more. I also want the pendant to really pop out and not blend so much since it's my most favorite pendant ever - it's Swedish and it's the Pia Lamp from Garsnas.


Have you ever gone pink in any of your rooms?

Stay tuned for after photos of my work space later this month. - Holly xo

(Photos: Holly Becker for decor8)