8 Trendy Pieces For Spring Decorating

Today's post is all about sprucing up my nest for spring and the 8 things that I recently ordered from American online shop, Lulu & Georgia, whom I love because they have the best taste in the world and curate the best products. And I love that. There is little from Lulu & Georgia that I would NOT buy, everything is just lovely. When they went above and beyond and shipped stuff to me in Germany, I was so pleased because lots of American products (like Jonathan Adler, Kate Spade, etc.) are not easy to find in stores here, and are non-existent in my city. If I drive over to Berlin, sure, I can find a few options but still, nothing like the great stuff Lulu & Georgia stocks so it was pure pleasure for me to be able to get stuff from America from one of my favorite web shops. Do you want to see glimpses of these 8 pretty things I have added to my home for Spring? LG_LOWRES_07

But first, I just love to spruce up my home in March to welcome the new season. March is also my birthday month (21st) and so I find it important to my emotional health to do some home detox around my birthday each year. In fact, I've been reorganizing a lot, throwing stuff away, donating things and in April, I'm even hosting a 'hausflohmarkt' in my home next month - a flea market! I can't wait.

So... In the process of the detox, I'm also shopping online for replacement pieces. In fact, more than usual, because I find so many great products online. I LOVE that I don't have to leave the house and carry back bags and boxes from stores. With a two-year-old that I take care of full-time, plus a business, I don't have a ton of spare time to even shop or run errands during "normal" hours so I shop after he's in bed each night from the comfort of my computer. It's the BEST, I never knew how amazing online shopping really is until I had a baby. I have everything delivered from diapers to protein bars, and of course, decor items for my home, gifts for friends, you name it and I've most likely purchased it online. Are you shopping more online too because if you're not, let this post inspire you to go for it!

Alright, so now the big show and tell. Would you like to see what I got from Lulu & Georgia for my Spring spruce up?

LG_LOWRES_03 1. Jonathan Adler Horse Head Match Strike, $42. This will go in my living room on the bookcase far away from my little boy of course.

LG_LOWRES_05 2. Jonathan Adler Brass Hand Ring Holder, Brass, $128. I love this for my office to hold business cards and my rings since I always remove them when typing.


3. Kate Spade Acrylic Stapler, $28 and 4. Molli Tray, Mustard Zig Zag, 11x17, $71. I love pretty staplers and trays - they are great for containing clutter in the office.


5. Mini Dot Dinner Napkins, Deep Sea (set of 4). 20x20, $23. I have 8 of these napkins and plan to use them for my next party. The dots are happy and fun!


6. Bayala Organic Cotton Tea Towel, 18x24, Deep Sea, $11. I love these tea towels for drying up the dishes and displaying on hooks in the kitchen for some pattern.

LG_LOWRES_08 5. Alma Sheepskin Rug, White, 2x3 (shown above on my sofa) and 6. Tinke Rug, Ivory & Charcoal, 8x10 (in LOVE!). I really like putting sheepskin on the sofa, even in the Spring since it still gets so cool at night. Plus texture just is the best thing to integrate into a space when decorating - adds dimension and warmth without cluttering up a space. This rug is the bomb. I really cannot stop gushing over it. I never will replace this thing, it's plush and I mean look at it, how gorgeous against hardwood floors?


8. OOH LA LA Tray, $74 - This tray is great for a coffee table because it can be a nice spot to lay the remote, though I removed the remote for the photo of course. :)

How do you like these things and even more, how do you imagine them in your home? Have you checked out Lulu & Georgia lately online? They are just beautiful. I will definitely shop with them again, I'm smitten for real.

Have a lovely day, I'm off to take my little boy to music class - bye!

(Photography & Styling: Holly Becker for decor8)

(Note: This post was sponsored by Lulu & Georgia. All product choices are my own. All opinions are my own.)