How To Make a Cherry Blossom Bouquet

I am so excited to share this arrangement with you because slowly flowers are starting to bloom here and spring is slowly coming! I am working already on the flower bed in my garden which is the reason why I'm so excited for warmer months... But I will stop indulging right here as we have the VERY BEST that spring has to offer for you today: cherry blossoms! Anastasia Benko for decor8

Flower bouquets are the perfect finishing touch of any interior setting, don’t you think? Of course I can drop by the local florist and buy the most beautiful arrangement - but I find it more rewarding to make one of my own. It adds personal touch to interiors, just like I did with a personal favorite image that I took in Paris of a merry-go-round as you'll see below. I love adding personal touches to my home, don't you? And with flowers, you are the artist!

Anastasia Benko for decor8

I will show you how you can make the most beautiful bouquets on your own! At my local florist I found the most beautiful branches of cherry blossoms and I instantly knew that I wanted to create a floral arrangement around these beauties! Along with the cherry blossom branches, I've added single-flower bunches:

* Pale orange french tulips * Fringy pink tulips * Bright yellow tulips * Pink ranunculus * Chamomile

As you can see, I picked similar pink colors to match the cherry blossoms, adding a few yellow and white touches to the arrangement. To get an interesting look, I wanted at least 3 different kinds of flowers that vary in texture, form and color because I knew this would support the depth of the arrangement that I envisioned.

In the very beginning I prepared a vase with water because I knew it would be a large-scale arrangement and I couldn’t arrange it in my hands alone. Before I started working on the arrangement I trimmed all the stems on an angle with a sharp knife and washed the stems. Then I was ready to go!

To me, there is no secret formula of how to arrange the flowers, just place them where they look best to you! I knew that I wanted the cherry blossoms to be the superstars of this floral arrangement so I added them in at the end. Also because they are so delicate, it was better to add them in the end to avoid losing too many petals.

Anastasia Benko for decor8

Using all the flowers I had, I needed to create a full body first, starting with the tulips, then I moved on to add more and more flowers. While I was working on the colorful base, I had in mind that one side of the arrangement will face the wall, so I put the cutest faces in the front. Think about where your arrangement will be placed once it’s finished, so it can shine from all sides or in this case, from only 3 sides. Also, I made sure that the colors of the additional flowers were in a random order so that they could correspond better and so they'd stand out.

Anastasia Benko for decor8

Anastasia Benko for decor8

Finally, I added the cherry blossom branches and went all the way! They stick out of all sides of the arrangement and to me it doesn't get any Spring-y-er (Is this a word??!) that that. I hope you love this floral composition as much as I do - cherry blossoms make my heart skip a beat!

Anastasia Benko for decor8

I couldn’t help it to make a wreath out of the leftovers... why not, right? This wreath could go on a door or door knob, a cabinet handle or simply on the wall on a simple nail.

See you soon on May 16 with another flower column - Anastasia

(Photography, Text, Styling: Anastasia Benko. Editor: Holly Becker)