DIY: Spray Paint Botanical Art

There is no doubt that the urban jungle and plants in general have been trending for some time now. Everyone loves plants and flowers! That is why I was inspired to create a very easy to make botanical art print that is truly a budget DIY. You only need white paper in your favorite size, a can of spray paint in a nice color and a branch that you can find on your next walk with leaves in shapes that you like. With this simple procedure you can make plants imperishable. Very gentle reminders. Nature-Art Prints-DIY-decor8-KerstinR-April16 (1)

Honestly, when I tried it out the first time I was excited about the very fast result because I expected it to be a little more complicated. I've tried it a few more times since and have loved to experiment with different colors, branches and paper sizes. In only a few moments, you can create your very unique art prints. Hang them up with masking tape in a mix with other prints and photos or give it a frame and you get a very high-quality looking art print. Why not sign the lower right corner to make it a true original work? Maybe you have fun to make some gift cards with this method. Do you have other ideas for use?

Nature-Art Prints-DIY-decor8-KerstinR-April16 (2)

Some tips I can give you... * Keep the spray can not too close to the paper - the plant will blow away and create to many strong color points. Keep a good distance. * Use newspaper to protect surface or lay paper in a large box and remove on side, spraying in from the open side * Please do this outdoors, it's not good to inhale paint fumes plus the house will hold the terrible smell for hours. * Do not smoke while crafting! I hope you already know that though! * Wear an old t-shirt and shorts, something you wouldn't mind getting paint on. * Don't overdo it with the paint, go for light and airy * Don't tape the sprig or flower to the paper because then the tape outline will show! * Buy good quality spray paint, like Liquitex, or in Germany "Do It Spray" or edding (which also has very pretty colors) * Shake the can for the suggested amount of time on the can, or even longer! Then the spray is fine and even and won't come out in chunks or drips!

Nature-Art Prints-DIY-decor8-KerstinR-April16 (3)

Or try in soft pink...

Nature-Art Prints-DIY-decor8-KerstinR-April16 (11)

Nature-Art Prints-DIY-decor8-KerstinR-April16 (9)

I wish all of you an amazing May! For me, one of the most beautiful months of the year. I'll return in June with another simple DIY for you to try. - Kerstin

(Photography, Text, DIY, Styling: Kerstin Reilemann | Editor: Holly Becker)