Gin + Grapefruit Summer Soda Recipe

Hello everyone and hello June! This month is the start of summer and is also my birthday month. These days I’d much prefer to have a birthday drink than a birthday cake so I am sharing my go to summer drink, cheers! Rachel-Korinek-Gin-Summer-Cocktail-1

As my go to drink in the warmer months as there is nothing quite as refreshing like a cold and tart citrus spritz. I wouldn’t say that I’m the biggest fan of gin, but done right, it’s a real pleaser. After a hard day of sweating it out in the summer heat, I come home to this quick and invigorating beverage, grab a book and sit under the shade of my favorite and just listen to the birds chirp away.


This drink can be as sophisticated or playful as you like. For quick and elegant, go with the basics and omit the fruit as the color of grapefruit soda speaks for itself. Fill your best glassware and the hard work is done.For a dash of fun at a summer BBQ, add a few of your favorite berries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries work a treat.


If you can’t find grapefruit soda, or find it too tart for your liking, I mix it up with blood orange soda instead. If you opt for Grapefruit juice instead of soda, you’ll need to add your preferred sweetener as grapefruit juice can quite bitter.

Ingredients: Makes 1 30ml (1oz) of your favorite Gin 250ml Grapefruit Soda* Squeeze of lemon or lime juice Summer berries and fresh mint to serve

Method: Over ice, pour the gin into a glass and top with grapefruit soda. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime, top with mint (and a few summer berries if you fancy!)





See you in July with another fun recipe! So guys, what’s your go to drink for summer? - Rachel

*If you can’t find Grapefruit Soda, try with your favorite citrus soda instead. Blood Orange Soda is another favorite of mine!

(Text, Recipe, Styling + Photography: Rachel Korinek/Two Loves Studio.