Transitioning From Crib To Toddler Bed

Hello everybody! Do you remember when I shared the before and after photos of the nursery I designed for my son? Well, that sweet infant is now nearly 2.5 years old and he's tall (94 cm) so we've already used the converter kit on our Oeuf Sparrow bed and now we are ready to get him into a toddler bed because he is ready. I was thinking of buying a bed that he could keep for many years, and that's when I found the Wood Junior Bed by Oliver Furniture in Copenhagen. So this will be his new bed, in Nordic Oak, I've already placed the order! What do you think??? I am in BIG love. Oliver_Furniture1

Okay so let's refresh your memory on the room renovation I worked on for my son and few things that didn't end up sticking around in the space... Here is a quick before and after. You can see everything here in detail with a stocklist, too.


It looks pretty much the same today minus the flokati rug (can't race his cars on that) and the wood boxes with the faces from Ferm Living went into storage (the storage that is in storage, ha ha) until he is old enough to stop trying to toss them around and/or stand on them to access the window. And of course, any lamps you see on tables or on the windowsill disappeared once he was old enough to get to them and yank them down.... Sigh.


The thing I love about the Wood Junior Bed is that it grows with your child so once they are bigger, you can add an extension and you have an adult size day bed like the one above. The Wood Junior Bed is also one that can be turned into a bunk bed or either a low or high platform bed in case you want to put a little play area below it or a small work space. I can totally see doing that later since his room has 3.4 meter high ceilings. It would be perfect for that. But for now, I want to start with the Wood Junior Bed and work my way up.




If you decide to have another kid, you can even transform it into bunk beds in the future AND add a storage drawer beneath. This is such a cool bed for sure!

If all that weren't enough, I like that the bed is a like a day bed, meaning each end is the same height and style. Typically, beds have a headboard and footboard or just a headboard -- or you remove both and just sit the bed on a frame if you want a daybed style but cannot find the right piece of furniture. When you have a room like mine, long and narrow, it's hard to find beds that work in the space because we cannot put the bed beneath the window (heater) and the other wall opposite has the access door and only a small wall space where we've placed his closet. The only options for bed placement are on either of the two walls to the left or right, but having a twin bed shoot out from either wall would look silly because it would eat up so much floor space -- you may not be able to comfortably walk around it to get to the window since the room is kinda narrow...

After my long-winded explanation (I sometimes wish my book editor could also edit my blog posts!!!!), you get the drift right, I had to have a daybed for him. The Wood Junior Bed is my life saver. I've been looking for a bed for him for months so I'm just thrilled that I finally found one and it will arrive next week so I'll definitely get to start working on changing his room from a nursery to a little boy's room. In addition to the bed, I want to change around a few other things... Like he needs proper hooks on the wall for jackets and sweaters, and shelves for his books and I'd love to get him a little teepee he could read inside of on a soft faux fur throw (any suggestions???). I'm also looking for a little table for his currently coloring book and Playdoh obsession to take place. I have my eye on the Oeuf Play Table... Would fit the room so nicely.

I can't wait to show you the room when I am finished transitioning it from a nursery to a toddler room. Stay tuned!!!

(Photos: Oliver Furniture/Photos of before + after space: Holly Becker)