Gotland Sweden: Travel Tips?


Hello friends! I'm excited because I'm leaving in a few days for the island of Gotland, Sweden! You can travel with me via my Instagram @decor8 all next week to see what we do, where we shop, eat, etc. I won't be bombarding IG with posts but I'll definitely get some Gotland content up there for sure -- all beautiful and inspiring things for you to see in case you want to travel there too. Gotland is an island in the Baltic sea off the coast of Sweden and I am so happy that I can escape from the responsibilities of work and family life to just think, collect flowers, make salads from our garden and take in fresh salty air along with my travel partner, Leslie Shewring. GOTLAND

My question to you is, dear friends, what are some must-see places? It can be anywhere on Gotland, we have a car. We love the idea of group dinners, eating outdoors, eating on organic farms, rustic bakeries, shopping in pretty lifestyle stores, seeing beautiful windmills, old homes and the beach... I want to walk the beach for hours... Our goal is really to soak in the natural surroundings and be immersed in Swedish island living for a week.

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Anything you can imagine. We would love it. I've already done a ton of research but before I put my finds on decor8, I want to travel to Gotland first and see them first hand. As I go, I'll Instagram them, and when I return from Gotland, I'll blog my travel tips during the first week of July here on decor8.

So, loves... Any good ideas for Leslie and I?

Back soon with a fun contest for you to win pretty stuff for your home from Sukha in Amsterdam. One moment please!

(Photography: The Waves We Make - you gotta go to this blog, it's amazing)