Tables With Porcelain Legs

I came across this gem of a collection in Milk Magazine (France) by Barcelona-based designer and potter, Xavier Mañosa, and just had to share it. His tables are made with oak tops and legs from porcelain and stoneware. Excuse me while I geek out but his work is amazing in my eyes. I love the simplicity, clarity, texture, use of natural elements, and the overall idea of it. Also the colors, wow, great palette right? jara_varela__mg_2439

Xavier is part of Apparatu which is a design studio, pottery workshop and family business which sounds like such a nice place to spend your days as a designer, doesn't it? They work on commission and also develop in-house projects. They also have an online shop.




These tables and ceramics are from the Fang collection offered through b.d. Barcelona.

(Photography: bd Barcelona via Milk Magazine)