10 Rooms With Plants For Minimalists

Let's talk about plants, baby! I have to admit, the indoor jungle trend is lovely but hasn't (and won't) hit my home anytime soon because I'm a total plant minimalist. I like plants but not enough to follow the trend the way some of my friends have. Is there anyone out there who is also like me? You love plants but not a ton of them? In this post, I'm gonna show you 10 rooms that show you how to bring plants into your home without them running the show. stadthem

1. WINDOWSILL. How simple is this? One barely-there little plant friend on a bedroom windowsill. It's a sweet addition. It is understated. Stadshem


2. OFFICE. Here are some nice plants scattered around yet not overgrowing and overtaking the room. Jose Hevia Photography


3. GROUPING. A tiny grouping on a sweet dresser. There but also not there, ya know? Holly Marder Photography + Styling


4. ENTRY. One big plant in a basket near the front door. That's it. Not 30 or 20 or 10. One. Nice. Smitten Studio


5. BATHROOM. One big plant, again, it's the best look for some rooms isn't it? I like this one propped up on a stool near the tub. Inside Out.


6. LIVING ROOM. On a coffee table, on a windowsill, then repeated in the patterns on the sofa cushions. LIKE this. Stadshem

leader_plants 7. BOOKSHELF EDIT. Mingle books with greens. Just don't overdo it. Nicole Franzen Photography


8. SMALLISH PLANTS. These little guys scattered around are simple and sweet especially since the room is already very natural and minimalist. It works. They look lovely in the room too because of the gorgeous natural light. Small and scattered. Stadshem


9. DINING ROOM. Here is that big focal point plant again. I can't get enough, I really like this look of having one big boy stealing the show - it's Magic Mike XXL! Inside Out.


10. OVER THE TOP. Okay so I have to throw in what I think is over the top to show you a bit of a contrast to the other images... This is too much greenery for me though it's a beautiful styled shot for Inside Out magazine in an article they wrote about plants. I would prefer only the wall plants with one on the table and nothing in the green floor jug... Or the focus being on the tabletop and one plant in the background, minus that trellis thing. THAT SAID, it's still pretty... Inside Out.

How do you use plants at home if you take a less is more approach to indoor gardening like me?