Shop Tour: Two Penny Blue


I love a good shop tour. This one comes out of Chicago and it's called Two Penny Blue which began in 2010 in the attic of an old home outside of Boston. Founder, Marie Whitney, was on a mission to create an, "Incredible line of jackets and blazers with a social mission of educating girls around the world." She worked on her project while her baby napped. twopennyblue7

"The order was a tall one and the standards of excellence for the collection were exceedingly high and uncompromising - the fit needed to be perfect, the fabrics the finest in the world, the craftsmanship the best I'd ever seen, and the jackets modern classics. But hour by hour, day by day, sleepless night by sleepless night, the passion for the company only grew stronger and the dream of Two Penny Blue became a reality. In July, 2012 I launched our first collection of blazers on our website." What an inspiring woman!


Today, her son is 7 years old and she has relocated and opened Two Penny Blue in Chicago and we get to see it today right here. I just love the interior design of this shop. So classy!







What do you think, do you love this shop too or what?

(Images with permission: Two Penny Blue)