12 Dorm Room + Small Space Decorating Finds


If this post had a hashtag, it would be #dormgoals or #smallspacegoals because this is exactly how I see it - imagine going back to school and decorating your dorm or apartment with these 12 beautiful things!? And a big BY THE WAY.... I clearly remember the good old days of blogging when you'd post something like, "10 things I love from Urban Outfitters" and it wasn't sponsored nor did UO give you a single product in exchange for the post. I miss those days because everything on blogs, and now even Instagram, is sponsored and it sort of makes me think that people don't really blog anymore unless there is some kind of cash incentive in it or something where they can get a kick back. Well, in honor of the good old days, this post (like most all of my posts) is not sponsored and I get nothing from it except that I hope you will pin stuff and share it and maybe you will like my finds. I want most of these things and I'm wayyyy past college years - especially the string clip lights - how cute and original. So... check out my 12 picks and see what you like...

37243706_028_d 1. Firefly Clips String Lights, $20

UO_bed 2. Rohini Daybed Cushion, $159 available in 5 colorways




3. Mini refrigerator in three colorways, $149


4. Polaroid Zip Mobile Phone Photo Printer, available in two colors, $130


5. Large Wall Wire Grid, available in 2 colors, $129

34905489_010_b 6. White Cord Globe String Lights, $28 + 20% off for a limited time

28375079_011_b 7. Magical Thinking Pom-Fringe Duvet Cover, available in 2 colors and 3 sizes, $89-110

39339296_010_d 8. White Marble Keyboard Cover, $12 (laptop cover is $30)

35312701_007_b 9. Mini Instax Glitter Picture Frame, $6

37749009_040_b 10. Magical Thinking Dye Streak (cotton) Shower Curtain, $39

39402789_046_b 11. Paddywax Concrete Candle, $14 each

35783802_027_e 12. Assembly Home Theia Hanging Planter, $32 each

Don't you love these things? I do!!! Makes me want to go shopping. :) #UOoncampus

(photography: Urban Outfitters)