Decorate For a Party + Olive Box!

Great news for those of you who cannot come out to our book events... Leslie and I have partnered with Grace Kang from Pink Olive in New York City to offer you a very special box-of-the-month on her Olive Box website! You can order exclusive signed copies of our book (not available anywhere else online) as part of the Lifestyle Box subscription. You can sign up here and each month, you will get a beautiful box of goodies but your first book will contain a signed copy of Decorate For a Party from Leslie and I - we hope you love it! imgp2025

Thank you Grace for your support and to all of you who would like a signed copy, remember to order from Olive Box because we won't have signed copies available online elsewhere, only if you come to our in-person events.

Upcoming event locations:

London, 28 September at Anthropologie (register here, includes a workshop with us!)

Amsterdam, 1 October at Meet The Blogger (register here, includes a 45 teaching lecture from me!)

Victoria, BC in October, date TBD, with Leslie Shewring

Berlin in November for WestWing (date TBD)

Zurich, 26 November at Blickfang (info here, includes a workshop with me for Annabelle magazine)

Hannover in December (date TBD)

If you can't make these events above, you can get your signed book copies through Olive Box and she will ship to you right away. xo

(image: olive box)

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