Beautiful Ways To Add Fragrance To Any Room

Today the weather went from summer to autumn And I am inspired now by the moody things. Moody light, atmosphere, shadows, dark, a little sexy, romantic. Black lace and cigarettes. Leather. Velvet and wood, candles and the smell of the forest in autumn when the leaves are falling and people have their chimney's on. And so I thought to bring a little bit of my moody mood into these photographs today of the most gorgeous products I recently received, botanical wax curiosities, from the Botanist collection by Peacock Parfumie and candles with packaging designed by Paris-based artist Nathalie Lété. peacockperfumerie_06







Do you remember years ago (maybe you were a child) when potpourri was all the rage? People had bowls of dried petals and spices all over the house and you could find it in every scent imaginable. Then, it became hugely uncool and most of us wouldn't be caught with a bowl of it in our entryway. That's why we have room sprays, scented candles and incense, right? Now add these botanical wax curiosities to the mix, they are scented and lay discreetly in your room, and give a lovely smell to the entire space. I placed one of the Bourbon Rose Flowers in the hallway and the room smells just gorgeous now.

"Peacock Parfumerie Botanical Wax Curiosities are handmade objects of art. Each figure is carefully filled with real botanicals and perfumed with our botanist fragrances. Lovely displayed on a dresser, bathroom vanity or placed in a drawer to scent delicate underthings."

In addition to the pretty forms and nice, natural scents, the packaging is just gorgeous with a black box and illustrated sleeve. These make for the perfect gift. In fact, I gave the Prince Orange Geranium Hand to my dear friend Gabrielle and she has had it for a month now and still raves about how much she loves it.

I also love the tin candles with packaging designed by Nathalie Lété. Cathedral and Apple Tart are my favorites.

Just beautiful, right? Happy Friday everyone!

(Photographs: Holly Becker for decor8)

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