9 Decorating Ideas From J.Crew Ready-To-Wear

I don't know about you, but I'm currently so inspired by the recent J.Crew ready-to-wear show that had social media all a-buzz. Yeah, of course I love that they skipped hiring fashion models to walk their runway using everyday beauties instead... but the clothes. Oh the clothes! Everyone was wearing just the smartest looks in this presentation of beauty - so radiant.


I love the color combinations, the feminine touches, the combination of a beige work shirt with a very sweet pink hand embellished skirt, it's all such a great combination of contrasts -- and I love contrasts in interiors and fashion so much. I have used the olive with pale pink, bright pink and champagne tones in projects before and even in my new book for one of the party scenes; I really love it for interiors so seeing it in fashion gave me goosebumps.

Here are 9 ideas that I had as I looked through these images that you may be able to apply to your home.

  1. Unexpected color scheme. Olive green, champagne, gray, nude and bright pink.

2. Mix materials to add dimension and warmth - cotton, linen, satin, netting, cement, tulle, canvas, leather, metal, wood.


3. Be playful. Pink loves copper. Pink also loves plaid and cargo shorts and cement floors and nautical stripes and big floppy flower brooches and olive satin ponies. See how playful and fun this is?


4. Don't fear a good ruffle and a bright accent - perfect in a space that has a lot of clean lines and is very spare. Adds an element of fun and surprise.


5. Beige is NOT boring. I am so tired of hearing people say that about beige but perhaps vision is needed because beige can be a great base for fun things to happen. Think about your face. Your foundation/skin tone is beige or a tone of beige and then you add shine, sparkle, color, etc. It works. Your face isn't boring! Same with a room with lots of beige. With texture, a variety of tones and mixing in a strong navy, some olive and accents of bright pink and orange - well, beige is still the most dominant color in this palette but it comes across as anything but boring now!


6. Dress up the casual with accessories and attention to detail. Jeans with satin heels. A stripe shirt worn off shoulder. A lace up a-line skirt. Wild beautiful hair. A big black flower on a skirt waistband. Ruffles, fringe... A very calm palette with natural materials suddenly feels very new and fresh through a good attention to detail and lovely accessories.


7. Combine "grown up" with sweet. Try to drop the idea that grown up spaces have to be very, well, grown up. Add some sweetness. This salty caramel work shirt with a very sweet and over-the-top skirt creates tension that ends up balancing this look out so well that it matches beautifully.


8. Do use classic prints. Stripes and checks and dots. Classic prints that never go out of style in fashion also look great in the home. I can see this translated into a room scheme or party, can't you? Or a little nursery? Perhaps an office for you or your partner? A three-season-porch? Your beach house?


9. Messy is good. A perfect house with no sign of personality or life is super boring and nowadays, dated too. Update your home by allowing your personality to shine. Those pants and that shirt both look like someone's toddler had fun with a can of white paint. But it's so good looking, right? I mean, I would wear these looks, no problem. So why not add your kids art to frames and put on the wall? Or your own? It doesn't have to be perfect to look good. Notice the shirts have tucked in? This look has been around for a bit, but it has staying power because it looks quirky and cute. The modern woman is WAY to busy to fuss like the ladies from the Mad Men era. Slouchy cushions, a worn leather sofa, handmade elements in the room, and most of all TOTAL ROOM CONFIDENCE. That's how you pull it off. You love your home and well good, who gives a damn what anyone else thinks. And with THAT attitude, everyone magically loves your room. The end. :)

Imagine these outfits as room schemes or as party decor in your home. How would you translate these runway looks into the home?

PS: View the entire ready-to-wear collection on Vogue here.

(Photos: J.Crew and Daisy Chaussée)