Interiors Trend: Minimalistic, Mobile, Modular, Flexible

Hey everyone! Wooo hooo! I'm back home now after spending a jam-packed weekend in Frankfurt attending the Ambiente as a special guest. It was a stellar time and I was able to meet so many great companies and designers who really take pride in their work.


One such company is Chihong from Taiwan. Chuang Chi-Hong studied Industrial Design and is the owner of this brand; he is very imaginative and loves to pull up memories and then, use them to inspire his design work in a special way. Function is important to him but so is the need to give his work a personality and story to create an emotional bond between the person and the product.

Some really obvious trends in the world of interiors right now are mobility, modularity, flexibility and definitely minimalism. Less is more. Furniture that can be moved around in the same room to serve several functions. Bookcases that allow you to configure (and change them) as your needs change. Modular sofas that can be moved easily for a film night with a family or to throw a cocktail party or a slumber party for the kids. Built-in furniture is not such a focus, most find it challenging because it doesn't allow for change and today many people are really looking for flexibility - things that can be conveniently relocated to other rooms or even other homes if you decide to move. I saw so many examples of this at the fair, some obvious and some, less so. I like the flexibility and minimalist approach to the chihong collection. You can use a lot of the products as intended or in a new way, your imagination is the limit.


I really loved the chihong collection, including their color palette of Gray, Black, Pink, Dark Blue and Mint green, so I'm introducing it here for you to enjoy. You can see more examples of their work here on their website.

(images: chihong)