Broste Copenhagen Teams Up With GRØD

I'm been living in Germany now since August 2009 and I'm always interested in the lifestyle trends here - mostly interiors but also product packaging, food trends, cosmetics, fashion, beauty treatments... It's all so fascinating to me. Lately, I've been wondering what the next big food trend will be. Maybe porridge? With food, it was cake pops and cupcakes... Then pulled pork and frozen yogurt... Now it's all about the burger and food trucks. Honestly, most of the food trends are very boring to me because what happens in Germany with food today already happened a decade ago in North America - so it's the least inspiring trend to follow.


BUT I could get behind the porridge trend if it hits Germany because it's big on Instagram for foodies and hey, it's healthy and there are so many creative things you can do with it. With that in mind, do you know about GRØD? If not...

I've long been a fan of Broste Copenhagen so I'm happy to see beautiful food and ceramics combined in their latest styling though after reading their press release I realized this collection is more than what meets the eye. This is their GRØD collection. For those of you unfamiliar with GRØD, they have five restaurants in Denmark and everything for them revolves around the simple, typically Nordic, bowl of porridge. GRØD has spiced up this healthy and nutritious dish offering it in their restaurants in several tasty options on the menu.


In addition to porridge, their menu also consists of simple but refined dishes made with local ingredients which has made GRØD one of the most important and trendy restaurants in Copenhagen. Broste and GRØD have teamed up to create a small collection of earthenware that is traditional, minimalist and very Nordic.


When I see pieces like this, I just want to touch them and serve my own recipes out of them - they definitely have a sensual feeling to them and I just love the uneven edges of the bowls. Beautiful!

I'm packing now and getting ready to take the morning train to Paris. I'm excited because it will give me 6 hours to relax, read and write in my journal. Maybe I'll do a little Instagramming too. Once in Paris, I'll celebrate my book launch in French of Decorate For a Party from 7-9pm, so please RSVP if you would like to attend. Then on Saturday and Sunday I will roam the streets with my camera, so follow me on Instagram to see Paris through my eyes @decor8 for photos and IG Stories too.

Next week, I'll be in Hamburg and then, the week after, in Milan for a week so you will have lots to see on my IG in the weeks to come.

Bye! xo, Holly