10 Interior Design Color Palettes You Must See

Hi everyone! I've been thinking a lot lately about color and creative, fresh color combinations for interiors. Many want to make a fresh interiors start in the Spring in addition to a good thorough cleaning, so why not experiment with new colors? You can start small to see how they work. I add fresh flowers or flowering plants to experiment with color without a commitment.


Once you see how a pop of red or bold pink looks in a room through a bouquet, and you've lived with it for a week, you may decide to experiment with that color in your soft furnishings or art. However you decide to add color, the first exercise is to find some color inspo and this post will definitely point you in the right direction. I found a great resource from Studio David Thulstrup based in Copenhagen -- it is their weekly colors and materials mood boards that they add to Pinterest. They are just phenomenal. You'll want to follow them on Pinterest, particularly their "Our Materials Moods" page. They're also on Instagram, which I only just found out a few minutes ago while looking around their website.

Below are 10 of my favorite color and materials combinations from Studio David Thulstrup. Maybe it's time to add-in a fresh hue to your current palette, or a few? What do you think? And by the way, terrazzo is trending - have you noticed?


1. Green marble combined with warm elements. Brass, perforated metal, velvet, wine, yellow, pink.


2. Black and blush terrazzo. Travertine, linoleum, stone, pink, light blue, brown.


3. Dark emerald green with pastel tones and a dash of red. Velvet, emerald green, purple, brass, terrazzo, wood.


4. Pastel combo and travertine. Glass, dusty green, foam, velvet, cork, wool, pink, net, rubber, terrazzo, grey.


5. Leaf green and gray. Pop of yellow, terrazzo, natural wood, suede, frosted glass, red, blue.


6. Purple with mint green, lavender. Cork, stone, wood, chalk.


7. Blush, gray and touch of forest green. Natural wood, terrazzo, acrylic, fern, stone.


8. Shades of blue, yellow and orange. Ceramic tiles, colored wood, yellow, rust, orange, minerals, lavender, ceramic.


9. Purple velvet and iridescent glass with pop of pink. White, marble, wood, metal, terrazzo, red, pastels.


10. Pastels and lava stone. Aluminum, mesh, orange, blue, pink, yellow, stone, safe, pop of red, acrylic, glass pearls, mirror, resin, stone, steel.

Out of the 10 combinations shown above, do you have a favorite? 

(Photos + Styling: Studio David Thulstrup)