Lovely Paris Apartment of Paola Navone

I just spent an hour wildly researching the source of the first photo found on Pinterest, and decided that after all of that effort, I simply had to share the image with you along with all of the others as it is the Parisian apartment of one of the most famous Italian designers, Paola Navone. It is one of the most beautiful that I've come across in awhile.


The space is an old converted silk and tobacco factory with hints of Asian and Mediterranean influences. Not sure if Ms. Navone still resides here, but I'm certain if she does, it is altogether different today as it is shown below. A designer is known to change things around frequently and these photos are at least 4 years old. Yet, they still serve as an inspiration to behold and are still so relevant which is always the sign of a good designer or artist. The cheerful colors are so very elegant and made me smile as I recall my week in Milan in April where I saw this cheerfulness in action time and time again - playfulness meets poetic, imagination boldly takes on upper class confidence. It's so very in at the moment - to be quirky and cheeky but also high end and luxurious! I love the rebellion against what is right and perfect. It's edgy, bring it on!


Isn't this altogether stunning and magnificent? Doesn't it remind you to live however you want, decorate how you wish, and just love the home you live in?

(Photos: Trendland)