New From The Rug Company + Our Workshop In Hamburg November 25th

Meet the interiors dream team! Do you want to see what The Rug Company is up to at the moment and who they've partnered with? Of course you do! The Complementary Colour Collection between The Rug Company and Farrow & Ball, is a stunning collaboration and I can't wait to share photos with you along with their official video.

Portland Pink, Silk Border

Portland Pink, Silk Border

Personal thoughts

I've grown very close to each brand and in December, I'll be in London to meet with Christopher Sharp, the founder of The Rug Company, to deepen my relationship with them further. I've had a relationship with Farrow & Ball also for several years starting out as the F&B brand ambassador in Germany over 5 years ago.

I value the work that I do for companies that I have long enjoyed and used (or suggested the products of) for over a decade and I like to bring those brands to you because I live with them each day in my home. Nearly all of my walls are painted with F&B paints, I have their wallpaper in my living room, and I've shown rugs from The Rug Company in many homes throughout my books for years, suggested them to clients, and have personally experienced them and find the quality and craftsmanship exceptional.

Why this is so special

This collaboration between two interior powerhouses is so interesting to me because I've long loved the colors of F&B paint and wallpaper but never imagined taking the colors from the walls to the floors - but now you can! And it's fabulous! After the rugs released in this collection, I was astounded and loved the idea so much and wondered why I'd not thought of it before myself. Seeing the rugs coordinating so nicely with so many colors from F&B is quite inspiring. I can imagine a lot of customers really loving this team up!

Holland Stone, Silk Border

Holland Stone, Silk Border

12 COLORS and 3 textures

Each hand-loom rug is available in 12 colorways: Order Grey, Sam's Stone, Portland Pink, Holland Stone, Wizlet, Wooster, Melrose Yellow, Kent Green, Claredon, Lots Blue, Keepers Red and Princedale Pale, and in 3 textures: plain wool, silk border and cut & loop stripe. Each example of these textures are shown throughout this post.


My favorite colors are Portland Pink, Holland Stone and Melrose Yellow. All three would work in my home - the yellow fitting perfectly in the bedroom of my little boy Aidan.

Silk Border Close-up

Silk Border Close-up


The colors are meant to effortlessly blend with one of the six neutral groups of the eco-friendly F&B paint collections - one accent and one nutral colorway. For instance, on the The Rug Company website, you can pick the rug color that you like (for instance, Portland Pink), click on it, and then scroll down to see that it complements F&B neutral paint colors All White, Strong White, Skimming Stone and Elephant's Breath (along with showing those exact paint swatches and listing the paint number so you can order them from F&B if you choose). How brilliant is that?

Wooster, Cut loop

Wooster, Cut loop


I really love coordinating the rug with the walls in such an effortless EASY way, particularly good for those who often feel very color confused during the paint and flooring selection phase during a room design. It can be so hard to get the tints and tones correct when it comes to colors, don't you think? Gray and Beige (and white) appear so harmless and easy to match when in fact, they are the hardest. Also pink. Pink can be very tricky to match once you've found the perfect shade. A few tones off, and it's no longer sophisticated and grown up, but childish and overly sweet. This collaboration helps you to get your base colors just right.

Melrose Yellow, Plain Wool

Melrose Yellow, Plain Wool

My Workshop

Now, let's talk about my workshop with The Rug Company in Hamburg (In English) at Große Elbstraße 49 on Saturday, November 25th, 2017 from 2-4 pm. It will be called, "How To Find Your Personal Decorating Style + Play With Color" and it's completely free. I will have supplies for you because we'll be working on personal mood boards, and snacks and drinks will be part of the afternoon as well, with our complements.


We can invite only 25 guests, so please send an email to to register by November 15, 2017. I hope you will join me, we will have so much fun.

Follow us on Instagram

You can follow the workshop on my Instagram on November 25th too, I'll be sharing some highlights from my Insta Stories and a few photos with the hashtag #decor8lovesTRC and #TRCxFaB so follow along if you aren't able to attend.

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll see you again here on decor8 next week!


(Note: This post has been sponsored by The Rug Company. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I only review what I own, use and love.)