Austere + Delightful: Menu Furniture + Accessories

Menu is a sought-after Danish design company producing some of the best furniture, lighting and accessories in the world, a firm I've long loved and respected. I own some of their things, namely the turning table in oak, kettle teapot, bottle grinders, POV candleholders in white, Harrison chandelier in white and the Carrie lamps in black, which I've collected throughout the years to give my home even more of a Scandinavian touch.


Menu has released new items for the Fall/Winter season under the name, Portraits. You can view the 59-page catalog here. My favorite from the new collection is most definitely the Eave Modular Sofa. I've been thinking a lot over the past two years to purchase a sectional sofa that is modular and Eave is one I have my eye on. When I go to the big European design fairs over the next 6-7 months, I'll be on the prowl for the Menu booth so I can try out the Eave in person because if it's comfortable, I'll be even that more tempted!

First in this post, I'm showcasing a restaurant in Copenhagen designed largely using Menu products. It's called Italy, and it's beautiful. I love the simplicity and how character is still infused in the space despite how austere it is. It's also quite fascinating to see an Italian resturant in a very Danish style. What a gorgeous balance and lesson in editing but also that you don't have to go with set themes when choosing decor for commercial spaces.

ITALY Restaurant in Copenhagen

Next, I'd like to present a fabulous round-up below of some of my favorite products from Menu to inspire you and your home decor. The second image shows their new Eave Modular Sofa. Many of their products would work in an array of home styles, their versatility to me is one of the biggest selling points. Even if your home is not in a Nordic style, their pieces would work so nicely. In fact, I enjoy seeing minimalist, clean styles of furniture and accessories mixed into a home that is more romantic, or traditional... This can add healthy tension making the home even more pleasing to the eye and senses.

Whenever your eye looks at anything, it automatically is drawn to what is different, so if your space is quite Coastal or Country or even Glamorous, a very minimalist piece inserted somewhere can create some sparks because it's unexpected but often a welcome change. It throws off the eye for a moment, you step back and think, "Okay, hmmm, yeah that works!". I find that most people are really enchanted by homes that have personality and spirit, objects that make them pause, rooms they make you feel hugged just by being there.


I hope you have enjoyed my presentation of inspiring objects and spaces from Menu today. It's nice to drift off into a design dreamland for a moment, isn't it? I like to imagine some of these items in my home and I think about where I'd place them and how I'd use them. I'm always dreaming up a new scheme for my home, I feel as though I could never just decorate and be finished - decorating is an ongoing art project for me, a never ending opportunity to showcase what I care about and an exercise in creativity and also editing, for me. Editing is something I'm currently exploring more than ever. I don't mean storing or throwing things away, I am referring to the display of objects. When do you pull back and say, "Okay, enough!". This is what is the difference, to me, between a professional well-trained stylist and an newbie - how well they edit, when they stop, when they accept the job as complete.

My very best wishes to you for a beautiful, sunny weekend!

(Photography: All by Menu except photo with the "Europe" poster, that one is my own.)