French Design by Harto

I first found out about French interiors brand Harto at the imm Cologne fair in January (remember, I had a booth at the fair!) and thought they had a really unique and quirky style. Their design is fun and definitely very inline with their style sensibility - and I like that, it's not exactly like everything out there yet it still manages to feel very current. I thought I'd give you a little introduction today to Harto by way of some beautiful photos that you may enjoy or want to pin to your Pinterest account. Here are a few of my favorite things from Harto that you may love, too.


I love the Marius sideboard shown above and the mirrors, in fact especially the Odilon round mirrors. I have three of them that I will put in my bedroom as soon as I finish redecorating it. I'll show you how the room comes out in a post at a later date - most likely September when I'm back from Helsinki.

In addition, I also am a fan of the Harto Leon trays because they strangely remind me of paint lids and I've always loved the insides of paint lids. I wouldn't mind having a set of these for my dresser to place my jewelry.

What do you think about Harto? I am impressed by their quality and style. It's nice to see a company creating furniture with a Scandinavian flair but still retains it's own style - so when you see a Harto product you may assume it's Danish but after second glance, you think, "What a minute, this style is much more curvy and humorous than what I see coming out of Denmark. There must be a French designer behind the scenes!" But seriously, I thought that when I saw their brand at first. I wondered if it could be Danish but then I thought it had to be French because of the playfulness. I love that about French design - from fashion to interiors - it's a serious face with a slight smirk. ;)

(images: with permission from harto)