Parisian Eatery With Beautiful Boho Design

I was utterly amazed when I read about this beautiful restaurant in the 16th arrondissement in Paris recently because I fell so deep in love with the decor! You have to check this place out, it's called la Brasserie Auteuil, and it's definitely on my list for the next time I'm in Paris.

Photos : Yann Deret

Photos : Yann Deret

I love the classy yet laid back boho style. It's really chic. Designed by Architect Coup Laura Gonzalez, it boasts one of the prettiest terraces in the city that gives you a feeling that you are in Italy or Spain where terrace life is more typical than in Paris.

Photos : Yann Deret

Photos : Yann Deret

I find the color scheme really relaxing, don't you? I like the geometric patterns on the upholstery as it complements the pattern on the minty wooden walls. The pendant lighting is equally stunning, I have one of these Dutch-designed lights in my dining room but liked seeing multiples in a room. Of course, the addition of climbing roses, jasmine, olive trees (on the terrace) and banana leaf plants (interior) are perfect. Not too much, but enough to add warmth and natural beauty.

The menu equally is appealing with yummy little pizzas, risotto and mozzarella melts called arancini and burrata (my favorite!) with summer truffles. A foodie's paradise.

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On a side note, I was thinking when I got back from Barcelona that I really need a terrace. And that a lot of us really need more of them in cities. I know in northern cities with snow, it's not such a great idea but we hardly have snow where I live so it's not such a problem as long as you have a great drain system for the rain. But terraces give you such a different mood when you're crammed in a city with so many people - it's a respite from the concrete and subways. It's a piece of paradise in the sky.

I'm so happy I discovered this spot in MilK magazine. Now I'm thinking that maybe I need to get back on the train and go to Paris again... Last time I was there was in March, and as the saying goes, "Paris is always a good idea". This is one of the luxuries of living in Europe, to have access to all of these beautiful cities so easily and affordably.

I'm curious to know, where do you travel that is your closet point of total inspiration overload?

I have lots of cities in Germany that are very close by that give me a full feeling after spending the day there from a design standpoint. Berlin and Hamburg are 90 minutes away and both do that for me. Also Copenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam, London... These spots are close to (45 minutes by plane) but absolutely fantastic plug-in points for me creatively speaking.

My city isn't a creative or design hub, but it does offer some very nice spots where I can go for a day and just immerse myself in something visually interesting enough to fuel my tank.

Do you have an outlet locally where you live that does this for you? Where?

Have a nice weekend, I'll see you on Monday!

Shown: Brasserie Auteuil, 78 Rue d’Auteuil, 75016 Paris

Photos: Yann Deret and la Brasserie Auteuil