Tour The Home Of Jason Grant, One of Australia's Most Beloved Stylists

I’m so happy to welcome the ever fabulous Jason Grant to my blog today as part of the month-long #mydecor8 series of home tours on decor8 (and Instagram - add your home using #mydecor8 to take part!). I remember writing about THE Mr. Grant many moons ago after first discovering his work in some of the Australian home magazines I’ve been reading for the past 15 years. He is such an inspiring man - not only is he a leading stylist in Australia, but has authored several bestselling books, designs products and paint collections, and works for some mega brands on campaigns and catalogs. Yet, while he’s quite a design star, he manages to keep it real and to stay in close touch with his friends and fans which is one of the best things about Jason - his fame didn’t turn him into someone you don’t really enjoy hanging out with anymore. He’s still mega cool and down-to-earth and so his personality, along with his beautiful sense of style, makes him someone special. No wonder why everyone loves Mr. Grant.

Anyway, I’m honored and flattered to have him here on decor8 today to show you his home and to meet all of you.

Tour the home of stylist Jason Grant on

Jason lives in Byron Bay NSW Australia and rents a fabulous 160 sq m flat, which you will soon see below. He shares his space with Sophia, his sweet Boston Terrier who you will find often in his photos and books. She’s so cute!

So friends, I had a flash interview with Jason which is below, so that you can learn more about him like what’s on his playlist and his 6 favorite instagram accounts at the moment that you simply MUST follow!

What does home mean to you?

Home is my sanctuary and my creative space.

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic, creative not always neat, I love mixing new with old, designer with vintage finds and adding finds from nature, its always evolving.

What do you love most about your home?

It’s a huge open warehouse space combining home and studio with super high ceilings and heaps of space and best part of it its 5 minutes to the beach.

What would you like to change at home?

I wish I had swimming pool!

Tour Jason Grant's Home on
Tour Jason Grant's Home on
Tour the home of stylist Jason Grant on

Favorite thing to do at home?

Create and relax in equal measures.

Favorite meal to cook?

I am spoiled with access to so much produce from the local farmers’ markets - I love simple healthy meals and am working towards becoming vegan and literally everything comes with a side of hummus at the moment.

Favorite candle/scent?

I’m currently working on a signature candle collection - launching in 2019!

What is on your playlist?

Rita Ora - her whole new album Phoenix - its fun and upbeat!

Tour the home of JASON GRANT on
Tour the home of JASON GRANT on
Tour the home of JASON GRANT on
Tour the home of JASON GRANT on
Tour the home of stylist Jason Grant on

Your dream piece for the home?

I have my eye on the mags sofa from Hay.

When you have people over, how does that usually play out?

Everything is super casual, late afternoon usually aperitivo after a swim in summer, I’m a fan of a signature cocktail of the season (summer) currently a pineapple margarita or a pomegranate negroni, music, conversation and shared snacks hanging out in my outdoor courtyard.

What is important to you when you visit someone else’s home?

To bring a gift, usually flowers or wine or maybe a candle, fresh flowers or a plant? I love house plants and fresh flowers and often have both but I am also a recent convert to dried flowers too (but done well).

Red wine or white?

Rosé always in summer!

Tour Jason Grant's Home on
Tour the home of stylist Jason Grant on

Chocolate or vanilla?

And strawberry! But made from coconut not dairy!

Favorite city to shop and why?

Byron Bay - I love to shop local and support the place I live, its filled with many clever creatives and heaps of great places to shop.

Tour the home of JASON GRANT on
Tour the home of stylist Jason Grant on
Tour the home of JASON GRANT on
Tour the home of JASON GRANT on
Tour Jason Grant's Home on

Your favorite Instagram accounts are…

Well, besides yours of course! @wearepampa - Beautiful thoughtful wares from Argentina (think handmade rugs, amazing photographic prints and other authentic pieces run by two equally lovely humans. - Small but mighty plant and ceramics emporium run by two awesome woman in Byron Bay.

@riverhawkranch - My friend Kim has the best eye, natural style and is super creative and the mother of three.

@kellywearstler - I love clever, strong creative woman and she is a power house.

@theshop_keepers - Always inspiring!

@mategallery - I love their cool edit of seaside, vintage and retro wares.

Thank you so much JASON for this fantastic peek into your mind and world. BIG FAN over here!!!!

Wish you a wonderful holiday and happy new year Jason, and to my friends here at decor8, enjoy the day but first, don’t forget to FOLLOW JASON on his instagram - it’s beautiful!



(Photos/Styling: JASON GRANT)