Formland: The Most Inspiring Nordic Design Fair

Meet me soon at Formland! Yes, I'll be back again this year after attending for my first time last year as their keynote speaker. I also gave some lectures and covered the fair on my social media, which was really exciting and we all had a great time together. I really love Formland, it's very unique in that it's large enough to be inspiring so you can take away a lot of great new ideas and meet great people, but it's small enough to not feel exhausting and overwhelming. I find that really large fairs that take days and days to see are of course, lovely, especially Salone in Milan, but I need the smaller fairsin between too in order to REALLY let everything that I see - to let it all sink in and to thoroughly experience things in a much deeper way. I like the feeling of not having to "rush" through a fair and I love how a smaller fair gives you a chance to make connections with real people offline. Formland is well attended, but it's not loaded with wall-to-wall people so you can actually breathe and enjoy what you're seeing.

Below are some photos from my participation in their fair last year, here is blog post where you can find the brands, too.

Formland really won my heart last year, I'm so happy I was invited back again and this year, I'll be giving two lectures on STYLING (weeeee!) and moderating TWO panels. I am quite excited to be a moderator once again at a fair. It's my newest passion - my first time moderating was at a fair I was on earlier this year, it felt really natural for me after years of public speaking. I was terrified at first, but it quickly felt "right" as I stood up and looked over at my lovely line up of experts sitting on stage, smiling back at me. The energy was fantastic and it inspired me. After 5 minutes, it was like the audience had disappeared and it was just me and my panel together in my living room talking about what we all have total passion for - design and social media.

I love the idea of getting together a bunch of smart people on a stage again, this time in Denmark, and to just chat very casually - and encourage an open and honest dialogue. Nothing scripted or overly rehearsed, just straight from the brain to the mouth - it's often best that way and gives a fair such an edge when they are providing educational lectures that are also fun to listen to, dynamic and totally engaging.

I've sat (I mean slept) through many lectures at design fairs in the past, so I'm determined to never be THAT kind of speaker. Let's hope not, anyway! I will really try to keep the energy high and get the audience involved too - as time allows. Also, I'm not the kind of speaker who exits the stage and disappears. Come up to me, talk to me, let's grab a coffee. I'm totally interested in making new friends and connecting in that way - if I have time, I will make it.

If you want to come to Formland to see me and my friends, Swedish Trend Expert Stefan Nilsson of Trendstefan, Danish Trend Expert and TV Presenter Mads Arlien-Søborg, Danish Interior Designer/Stylist and Blogger Laura Trøstrup from The Sweet Spot, and Danish Trend Expert Anette Eckmann from Eckmann Studio, please do! One of our panels, at the end of the day on Saturday, will be How social media and networking can make your business grow. The other, which is on Friday, will cover current interior and lifestyle Trends & Tendencies where we will, as a group, call out the current trends. The full schedule is here on this page.

Brands I loved to see last year at Formland in Herning, DK.

Brands I loved to see last year at Formland in Herning, DK.

At Formland this year, there are MANY stands that I want to visit, but I'm particularly looking forward to the HOUSE OF FREAKEBANA trend zone (last year it was truly incredible by the two ladies behind STUDIE FLYHELSTED), and to experience a new trend cafe - this year it is a Japanese cafe called MA by Atelier CPh who have worked on styling projects for Kinfolk magazine, Notem, The Poster Club and more. I truly can't wait!

Will you join me at Formland?

I will be there from opening day until Saturday afternoon, I'll leave after my final lecture so around 4:30/5:00. I hope you will look for me. Also, when you're at Formland, make sure to check out the trend hallway where you can find the curators the fair invited to show their current favorite things. You can see mine there as well.

See you in a few weeks!