8 Must-See Interior & Lifestyle Finds For August

Ready for some must-see interior lifestyle finds? Hi guys, it’s me Allan, with my faves. The month of August ends today, so I thought I'd bring you what I've collected throughout the month with hopes that you like what I have to share below. I hope you all have had a wonderful summer! I'm very busy lately with press events, busy days and lots of work.


First it was all about the daybed, then the time came for a simple, open shelving system, and now the need has come for a shelving and cupboard system with doors. A couple of my favorite furniture pieces at the moment are listed below. They all look amazing, and would suit any interior, but most importantly they all store some of the stuff you don’t want to display, but still have within reach.


A/ The newly launched Lines by Afteroom for Reform


B/ The all-new Sceene from Gejst

Reform Copenhagen

C/ And the not even out yet (in stores in September), Jut Cabinet from Skagerak.

2 // ART:

I have shown sculptures here before, and I’m obsessed with these face sculptures created by Simon Vendin. Each face with a different expression, personality, and the charm is that they were made by hand. For me it’s the personal details that makes an interior interesting, and Simon’s sculptures are a perfect quirky detail to add.

Simon Vendin
Simon Vendin


Okay, these might be a bit similar to the faces I just had above, but I see these new smaller figurines from Kahler to be more decorative than actual art, might just be because of the price point. In any case, they are all new, designed by sculptor Malene Bjelke, and in stores very soon. The collection is called Character. Each figurine tells its own story, depicting plain, uncomplicated everyday thoughtfulness in a simplified, naturalistic universe and celebrates specific human traits. The reason why I wanted to include these this month, is because, I really like the clay figurine trend that’s happening right now, and with these new figurines, you can try it out with blowing the bank.

Malene Bjelke for Kahler
Malene Bjelke for Kahler

4 // SLEEP:

With Highway 1 open all the way from LA to San Francisco again, I want to share a must stop halfway spot. In Big Sur in the middle of the woods you’ll find Post Ranch Inn, right on the coast this might be the most unforgettable, romantic place you’ll ever encounter. You can choose a house with stunning views right on the cliffside or go a bit more rustic, but just as great with a tree house. The grounds are amazing, with a tucked away chef’s garden, heated infinity pools perfect for sunsets and star gazing, and walks through the forest. All in all very chill and as I said, the perfect pitstop on your bucket list highway drive.

Post Ranch Inn
Post Ranch Inn


I actually just only recently come across these oval mesh shelves from the newly launched Stockholm-based design studio Aska. I really like them when hung vertical with the small added shelf inside.


6 // GROOM:

I am actually not sure if this product would be a grooming product per say, but it’s my column, so I’ll choose what goes. I want to talk about something that I think many men are dealing with, hair loss. Ever since my mid-20s my hairline has just crawled up little by little, which I have pretty much have come to terms with.

On my recent trip to LA, I came across a new subscription service called Hims, who address the fact that men’s heads get less hairy. And based on the amount of Internet chatter we've seen, it seems to be working.

The best thing about Hims, I think, is that you have access to these drugs at a no-BS price. They’re roughly 50-80 percent cheaper than the retail cost of the brand-name versions, making ED pills and balding treatments much more affordable to the average guy. It super simple to use, basically I wash my hair with their DHT blocking shampoo every day, which should help on the overall hair health, add a few drops of the Minoxidil on my forehead to promote hair growth (it relaxes blood vessels, making it easier for blood to flow to your scalp, shedding old hairs and replace them with new ones) and finally I chew on a B7 vitamin gummy bear every day, which is full of Biotin, a natural supplement that strengthens the hair, nails and even promotes healthier skin. Yay.

I have been using the product for about a month now, it’s a very simple morning routine, and I feel like I can see and feel a result, my hair seems stronger, I have not yet grown a full mane yet, but they do say you need to keep using the products for at least 3 months before you’ll see a change. So, I’ll expect to see my 20s hairline back by Christmas.

Hims Hair Loss for Men


Speaking of creating a home with personality, now that’s something the founder of Artilleriet (one of Holly's favorite stores) masters to perfection. The mastermind behind the store is Christian Duivenvoorden and he lives with his husband just outside Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. It’s no surprise that before opening the store Christian worked as a set designer, he clearly has an eye for details and really knows how to build perfect small moods in every corner of the house.


Lene Ostenfeldt, Copenhagen, Denmark. Lene is a Stylist and Creative Director with a gorgeous Instagram you should definitely follow now!

Lene Ostenfeldt

This will be my last column on decor8, but it was nice to be here and I hope that you will all continue to follow me on my own blog, Bungalow5. Holly decided she wants to get back to her roots on her blog and author it mostly alone, but it was nice to be here and I had fun meeting you all!

[Editor's Note: All grooming products are gifted as part of reviewing for this column in partnership between Allan Torp and the brands. This review is provided by Allan Torp for decor8, any collaborations are his own. All words and opinions are his own.]