Shop For a Beautiful Bedroom at Westwing Plus My 5 Styling Tips

I’m so happy to show you this lovely collaboration with Westwing that launched last Friday, and ends in just 23 hours, so please hurry up and run to THIS PAGE for more info… BUT They have officially launched the news about my new magazine with Living At Home (Germany) and show it on their site along with this special sale for creating a wonderful bedroom with my 5 styling tips. AND I cannot forget this… IF you order a 12 month subscription to Living At Home magazine, you will get a free copy of my debut issue, “Living At Home + Holly” and a 30 Euro gift card to Westwing - CLICK HERE to buy this special “Abo” now because this sale ends in 23 hours.

Some of my favorite things from the sale below, great for cozying up your bedroom:

Favorite Book
Favorite Pillow
Favorite Overhead Light
Favorite Trays
Chair I Love
Lamp I Love
My magazine

Thank you so much to Delia, Johanna and the Westwing Team for this amazing chance to launch my magazine in a very public space like your amazing website and newsletter. And thank you to everyone else for your interest in my magazine - I’m so happy to launch this - it will be on newsstands January 24!