FORMLAND Nordic Design Fair - It's almost here - are you joining us?

FORMLAND is nearly here, I can’t believe it. You’ve heard me talking about it on Instagram for the past several weeks and also, there is a whole page in my new magazine (Living At Home + Holly) on page 67 with a special 75% off coupon, but if you still don’t know about Formland and if you don’t already have tickets, then get some as soon as possible and meet me there! You can easily drive up from Germany (or fly or take a train) to HERNING, DENMARK and see the most inspiring Nordic design fair together with me and so many others who are scouting this fair to find the latest and the greatest. I LOVE THIS FAIR, it’s where I find things that no one else has seen yet, and that’s always such a fun and exciting way to kick off a new year.



This is my third time at Formland and I’m so happy to once again visit and see the fair and discover new design since this fair has something very special included - the CREATORS COMMUNITY, a hall (Hall E) full of 50 young talents! I can’t wait to see what these “newcomers” have to show us. I get invited to work at over 20 fairs each year, but I only attend about 5 because I have a young son - so I have to choose VERY carefully. Formland is my top choice so far because it’s so well done and the fair organizers are so nice and kind to me - but also the brands whom I meet on the fair - they are always so excited to see me and look at my fair reports on my blog after or on my Instagram during the fair - to see how I’ve shown their brand on my social media. I love to help people to find a larger audience, so it’s fun for me to be at a fair and to shine light on people through my networks online who are talented, who I believe in. At many stands, the actual makers are present, and I love meeting them and hearing what’s new. I also love the friendly, open spirit at the fair, the joy that can be felt in the air, the concept pop-up cafes, the trend zone (which I find to be one of the best in Europe), and that nearly all of my favorite brands are exhibiting there.

What’s not to love.


Also, I’ll be leading a discussion with two trend experts, Stefan Nilsson (Trendstefan) and Mads Arlien-Søborg (We Made It), to talk about international trends for 2019, we will take the stage on Saturday, 2 February at 15:00 and the talk will be in English. You can join our discussion and relax with us while we talk about one of our favorite topics for 30 minutes.


Will I see you this weekend in Herning? The fair runs from 31 JANUARY - 3 FEBRUARY, I will be there the 2nd and 3rd, so if you see me in the Halls, please stop me and say hello. I’ll also have a mini trend presentation in the trend area called SELECTED BY, so look for it and see what you think! I’ve gathered a small collection of some of my favorite products from the fair, and I hope that you will love them as much as I do.