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Boho Surfer Bedroom Makeover For Teen Girl

I love designing children's rooms because they are often so excited to get involved in the decorating process and are super opinionated concerning their preferences from color, pattern, even the toys and pillows on their bed. I love this clarity of vision and that they want what they want. You can't talk them out of a color or a theme. If they want purple walls, that's what it's going to be. I like this pure and often, quite imaginative and bonkers vision that they have and I respect it.

The older they get, kids want to be even more involved in how their bedrooms look. My three-year-old son already says, "Mama, get the washi tape please. I want to put Hank the Octopus over my table". I can't believe he remembers words like washi tape, but okayyyyy. Soon, he will ask for even greater changes like no more cute bear wallpaper, STAR WARS! Or no more soft green walls, FIRE ENGINE RED!

Recently my friend Karine Candice Kong, former owner of the lifestyle shop Bodie & Fou, a photographer and blogger at the Bodie & Fou blog (she kept the blog, sold the shop), shared her 12-year-old girl's bedroom makeover and I had to share it here. I love what she and her daughter, Mila, did in her boho bedroom makeover. It went from cluttered and typical child-like to a more clear, organized yet still boho surfer girl look that reflects exactly who Mila is and what she's currently inspired by.


A bedroom that reflected Mila's love of surfing + A palette of soft vintage pink, pale green, light grey and white + A gallery wall with cactus & palm trees + De-cluttering the desk area so she's happier doing homework + Making the bed luxurious, warm and cozy for winter + Linen bedding + All season wool duvet and pillows + More grown up but still girly.

Mila's bedroom makeover on decor8


Mila's bedroom makeover on decor8
Mila's bedroom makeover on decor8
Mila's bedroom makeover on decor8
Mila's bedroom makeover on decor8
Mila's bedroom makeover on decor8
Mila's bedroom makeover on decor8


Mila's bedroom makeover on decor8

Isn't that a super lovely makeover? Mila got everything on her wishlist and more. Best part is, this room can be done on a budget too if you wish because it's simple yet still has character and "enough" stuff around to make it feel warm and like a young girl lives there. This space is effortlessly stylish, livable, cozy and most importantly, 100% Mila.

Thank you Karine for letting us share this room redux on decor8 today!

(Photography Karine Candice Kong / Photo Editing Holly Becker / Text Holly Becker)

DIY Bed Tray

Hello everyone. How are you? Hope you had a nice weekend! I think you might agree with me, that Sunday mornings, or afternoons for that matter, feel best when spent in bed. And I don't mean sleeping, oh no! It's about having a cozy moment with a favorite book, sweet treats, magazines or a TV series watched on a laptop, while relaxing on soft layers of blankets and comfy pillows. Sounds very tempting, right? In case you wondered what I did yesterday, this is it - I had a little Sunday bed party with peach aperitivo, some good reads...and well yes, my camera to document it for you! The crucial item to make this moment perfect is to have a handy bed tray near you, where you can place a little plate with food, reading glasses - to be sure you don't sit on them or to place your laptop if you want to watch something. I know it's very mean to speak about lazy, bed moments on Monday but on your next lazy day, this bed tray has to be part of your morning ritual. I can guarantee you that once you have it - you will be wondering how you could have lived without it.

It is super easy to make and doesn't require advanced any carpenters skills to create it. Now that I (hopefully) convinced you to make it, let me show you how:

SUPPLIES * a 50 x 40 cm wooden plank * 2 rectangular shaped wooden sticks - 38 cm long each * very strong wood glue * sandpaper * white wood paint and black permanent marker * masking tape


HOW TO * Start by polishing all the wooden elements with sandpaper, then rinse them with water to wash all the dust off. * Mark the area you want to paint with a masking tape then paint it. * When dry, using a black permanent pen draw little dots pattern on it. * Turn the wood upside down and glue the wooden 'legs' to it at the ends using a strong glue. * Leave the glue to dry well over the night.


And taaa daaa! Now you can enjoy your Sunday mornings, with a breakfast in bed!


This is my final post on decor8 so I want to say that it's been a great pleasure to share my DIYs with such a great audience and thank you for all your lovely comments and support! I hope you will keep in touch via my blog (Passion Shake) and social media. Wishing you all a beautiful Summer! - Agata

(Photography, DIY idea, Text, Styling: Agata Dimmich)

My Bedroom Redux By Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert

Hey friends, it's me Holly and I want to show you what I've done with my bedroom this week to turn it more into a cozy nest. I still have some changes to make around the rest of the room, but I'll show you how I've added bedding from Pine Cone Hill and a gorgeous rug from Dash & Albert to kick off the process of redecorating my very boring bedroom. I must highlight that I'm not a bright color person in my bedroom, I tend to take muted tones over saturated and I love neutrals, blues and greens in sleep spaces with a touch of shell pink. I also like deep gray and charcoal which is what I may end up painting my walls in the next few months, I have to think it over first because it's a big step to go dark in my bedroom but I'm nearly ready and think a good deep gray would look gorgeous and dramatic, so we'll see... But first, let's look at what I've done. PCH1

Before I got this lovely Chelsea bed from Fashion For Home in Berlin, I had a bed that was basically just a frame and a white headboard - very boring. (Don't look at the radiator, we can't do anything about it's placemat at the moment so we're just pretending it's not there.) For the flooring, I have gorgeous hardwood but I still love the feel of a carpet beneath my feet when I step out of bed in the morning so I ordered this gorgeous Moroccan-inspired rug from Dash & Albert. It's the 8x10 Masinissa Hand Knotted Rug and I just adore the geometric pattern but also the warmth it adds to the space. It's perfect for year-round use because the palette is neutral but could look very summer-y if I change up the bedding or look cozy and warm for the winter months. This rug is thick, extremely well made, and I enjoy the pile height because it's thick enough without being so thick that you trip over the edges. It's also very cozy to step on barefoot.

For the bed, I have three different looks. This is the first look:


On the bed I have the Queen Esha Sheet Set, 1 standard pair of white classic ruffled pillowcases, 1 Full/Queen Stone Washed Linen Pearl Grey Duvet Cover, and at the foot, the Full/Queen Matte Velvet Glacier Quilt. For throw pillows, I have the Ibiza Shale Decorative Pillow and the 20" Rajasthan Decorative Pillow. In the basket to the left of the bed, you can barely see it above but I have an extra blanket for cold nights, there is a Full/Queen Gradation Ticking Blanket which you can see below laid out on the bed.


I love all of the texture. That is a decorating must-have in a bedroom especially. TEXTURE. It's sensual and inviting. Stacked near the right side of the bed (you can see in the first image at the very top of this post) is a euro-size Nimbus Slate Matelassé Sham and a giant Selke Fleece Slipper Pink Decorative Pillow which my son loves to pull out and lay on (he's two). Here they are shown on the bed for a good view.



A few details above of the bedding, etc. I love having a candle near the bed and some linen spray and a little something natural, a plant or flowers. You too? For the next look, I just made a few subtle shifts in how I've dressed the bed using the same pieces.


For this look, I've pulled the Full/Queen Matte Velvet Glacier Quilt over the entire bed to give the bedroom a bit more subtle color and texture. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous, even more so in person, and I adore the color because it reminds me of my favorite place on the planet - the coast! In fact, my bedroom palette is very coastal and I noticed that only after I put everything together and styled it. I stepped back and instantly realized why I'd chosen all of the colors that I did - it's very natural and coastal without being beach-themed. I just love it. For this look, I also stacked the pillows on top of the other, with the pattern on the bottom and the white crisp pillowcases on top.


I'm back to reading (and writing) poetry again thanks to a dear friend, so all I do lately is read poems. I've become a bit obsessed by it in fact. It makes me feel more alive and in touch with my feelings and that of others. It's making me more imaginative again too and open to others. Poetry is a beautiful thing to read before bed, don't get into bed with your phone, get in bed with a book of romantic poetry and a cup of tea, a candle and kick back. That's such a beautiful way to close the day.


More detail above. Stitch work, woven carpet, velvet, linen. I love it all. Here is the third look below. Again, subtle but still nice. The framed prints are from Minted and The Poster Club.


For this look, I exposed the linen duvet again, put the velvet cover back at the foot and placed the patterned pillowcases in the front and added the pillows stacked by the right side of the bed onto the bed - so you can see the pillow and slate pillows there. I didn't add the striped pillow or the patterned pillow to this look. I kept it very simply and relaxed. I love the drama from the big gray pillow, it feels very dominant but also quite masculine and cozy.


So here are those three looks again. Which one do you like? I like the middle one best, but I do love the addition of that slate sham to the far left. All looks are very subtle but I like that you can just switch up so little but give the room a fresh look. When I finished dressing the bed this morning, my little boy came in and started stroking the velvet cover on the bed and laid on it and said, "Pretty, mama, prettttty". He really liked it and kept touching everything, he was so appreciative of the bedroom redux, too.

By the way, if you see anything that you'd like to buy shown above, their Presidents' Day sale for 20% off is valid through midnight PST tonight only and free shipping. So don't delay! Also, visit the Fresh American blog from Annie Selke, the lady behind these brands.

(Photographs: Thorsten Becker, Holly Becker. Styling: Holly Becker. Text: Holly Becker)

This bedroom redux was brought to you by Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert. All opinions and product choices are my own.