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KULOR Ceramics

Like most of you, I get crazed, borderline obsessed, with certain objects for the home and those things are all I that I see and think about. That's a big reason why I began this blog in the first place, to document my obsessions. For instance, I'm currently hooked on ceramics and cutlery that have a unique vibe to them that are also functional for daily use because I don't want ceramics as only art, but to be practical too. I've recently discovered German studio KULOR, by ceramicist Sabrina Kuhn based out of Karlsruhe, on Instagram and thought I'd write about her work today because it deserves to be placed before your very curious eyes. Just look at these pieces of beauty... kulor1

Clearly inspired by Danish design, these vessels are not only pretty but the patterns, shapes and color palette has my heart. I'd love to mix in a little cherry red and some copper - perhaps put them on a copper tray and incorporate red in a small way, perhaps a few red poppies in a vase? I love unexpected color mixes! I find ceramics so pleasurable to both use and admire, they are one of those things that are functional but can also double as display objects to admire through the cabinet doors or stacked on a shelf, so they perform double duty in that sense.




She recently showed her collection at a German fair (see above photo) and all I can say is that I hope she comes to Hannover this Christmas to set up a booth at Designachten because I'll be all over it and I can see people here really loving her work too.

A bit of her bio, "Sabrina Kuhn is a ceramic and product designer based in Germany. During her studies in Karlsruhe and Copenhagen she developed her interest in ceramics and in particular in porcelain to a veritable passion. In 2013 she founded her ceramic label KULØR under which she produces handmade porcelain. She loves creating objects that please the senses.... And she is interested in all kind of things that beautify, improve or change our everyday life."

Gorgeous - must get some of these!

(Photos: Celine Hurka, Lea Korzeczek, Sabrina Kuhn)

Ceramics By Robert Gordon Australia

I discovered a ceramics studio recently that has been active since 1945 in Australia by the same family --  Have you heard of Robert Gordon? They have a factory outside of Melbourne with a staff of 30 and have recently taken on an agent in the United States, too. They not only design pieces for everyday living, but work with restaurants to produce custom made pottery which made me think about my own cafe/design shop dreams and how wonderful it would be to have custom wares for it someday. Well imagine that. They recently did a fit out for E.P. in Los Angeles, so location and delivery is also not an issue so you don't need to live down under to enjoy the fruits of their meticulously crafted labor. RGAFor-decor8

I recently spoke to Kate Gordon who is their head of design and product development, and learned that she has a textile design background but since she was always so involved in her family business of pottery, it was a natural fit to combine her ceramics knowledge with developing product ranges for the Robert Gordon brand with her lovely pattern ideas. Kate is inspired by her travels, Pinterest, thrift shops, magazines, blogs, American decor and crafting and mostly, her family and their commitment to creating beautiful pottery. She is also inspired by shops like AnthropologiePetershams Nursery in London and Daylesford Organics in the Cotswolds. She takes her inspirations and translates them into the range giving it very broad appeal since, as you can see, nothing about it is same-y or boring. There is a design for everyone. I personally like their Life, large Monument Vases (the colors! swoon!), TapasTerra... But for me, the Serene Series is my all-time favorite. I just love it!








Lucy at the Design Files wrote such a gorgeous piece about them and their company, you really have to read it, it's so lovely.

(Photography: Jarrod Barnes.