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Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany

I am so excited today to share the home of a lovely new friend of mine here in my very own city of Hannover, Germany. Her name is Sandra and her Instagram account is called @Karlas_view. I have followed her on IG for over a year now and love her posts, usually of her home, but also some with her wedding day and the lovely trips that she and her husband take together.

Sandra is not a designer (shocking to me, she is a pure natural talent at design!) and doesn’t even work in the design industry, yet she lives like a designer would - in a home that is so carefully edited and just beautiful. I’ve actually been to her house (just last week), so I can tell you that she really does live this way, it’s not just “Instagram Perfect”, her home is so organized and nicely styled. It was great to be inside the space and also to meet Sandra in person. Now, let me show you her fabulous home at the top of an old building, where she and her husband have the “attic” with two floors of light-filled living space. Imagine soaring ceilings, exposed beams painted in white, concrete floors in the bathroom and kitchen, natural hardwood throughout the rest of the house, a balcony overlooking the city, skylights, and a big kitchen that opens into the dining area.

Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany
Tour a Hygge Minimalist Attic Apartment in Hannover, Germany

I just love Sandra’s home. One day if she ever moves out, I have to beg her to let me move in so I can have my office there and also a place for my guests to stay when they visit Hannover. I would love to rent this space so Sandra, no pressure but when you move out one day, pleaseeeeeee rent this to me!!!! :)

But one can dream…

What I loved

I love the bathroom so much, the exposed wall near the bathtub and the big rectangular tub itself is just so lovely, and the spaciousness of the bathroom was also impressive. I liked the general open feeling to the living space, and that on the 2nd floor, her husband has his own loft area for working where his office is.

What I found

What you don’t see is the hidden walk-in closet behind her bed (genius idea!), I found it because I was looking for an iron and ironing board and imagined it must be in her bedroom closet - what a nice surprise to find this “hidden room”. Then when I text her, “Help, I cannot find the iron!”, she directed me to another “hidden room” that you cannot see in these photos where I found a massive space nearly 1/3 of the size of her whole apartment where there was a washer/dryer, clothes line, storage area, ironing board and iron, and lots of space to store things - so it helped me to better understand how she is able to keep her general living area so tidy and minimalist - she has these two hidden spaces where she keeps things like clothing and shoes and things that maybe she keeps from her childhood or earlier years.

What I learned

It really made sense to me all of a sudden how people really can live with so little around them - they all must have a secret room where they keep the hand-downs from oma, the clothes for winter or summer, the wetsuit, the workout gear, etc. This made me aware that I need to do this now in my own home. Turn my guest bedroom into a organized storage space and reduce the visual clutter in the other rooms so I can breath again and not feel so overwhelmed by having so much “stuff” filling each room.

Well, that extra room AND a hausflohmarket (home flea market) would be nice to set up in March/April. Then I can sell/giveaway beautiful design and decor things that I don’t use anymore or that were sent to me for free for review purposes. Give them to a new home that will love them and enjoy them.

Do you like this home? What do you like about it? I really love it and hope it inspires you today.

Thank you Sandra for the lovely home tour and remember everyone, you can follow Sandra on Instagram each day at @karlas_view.



Home Tour: Modern Farmhouse with Global Touches

Hey everyone, it's Holly Marder back again this month with another beautiful interior to show you! I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll love this modern home in the country so let’s jump straight in! IMG_2847lowres11

Webshop owner and interior stylist Nicole de Ridder and her partner Michiel Kok live reside in this renovated farmhouse in the Dutch countryside with their baby boy Tyn. After years of remodeling, the results are a calming and contemporary family home that boasts all the characteristics of an old farm.

Michiel purchased the 140m2 property a decade ago prior to meeting Nicole. The building, which dates back to 1922, was in a sorry state of affairs and he commenced reconstruction right away, a job which took him more than six years. After meeting Nicole, they decided to live together however Nicole felt that much was needed to complete the renovation, including a full restyle of the home’s interior. “The furnishing of the farm was pretty dark and rural, not my taste,” admits Nicole. “To feel at home, we did some redecoration together and decided to finish the job.”




The former living room consisted of two smaller rooms. Nicole and Michiel broke through the wall separating the two rooms, resulting in a large L-shaped living space. They removed a large window and replaced it with French doors which gives them access to their garden. “We thought the adaptation would take two months at most, but in the end, it cost us more than nine months,” Nicole says. “Once you start, new things will pop up. The good thing is: now the whole house is finished right down to the last details.”

Their home is a mixture of styles. “I love to combine vintage with modern items and design,” Nicole explains. “The base colours in our home are white and grey. To create some warmth, I add warm colours such as brown, yellow, orange and red. I think wood is also a great way to give a room some extra warmth.” Nicole loves bringing souvenirs home from her travels, bringing with her unique accessories with a story and sweet memories. Her favourite pieces include the large wooden sculptures from the Philippines and the souvenirs in the shelving unit from Thailand and Laos.

Nicole and Michel do have different styles when it comes to decorating. “That can be difficult sometimes,” Nicole explains. “But finally, when Michiel sees how it turned out, nine out of ten times, he will like it anyway.” Michiel’s proudest accomplishment is the master bathroom, which he designed and created himself. The walls of the bathroom were given a ‘tadelakt’ finish, giving them a rustic aesthetic.

The size of the property commanded a lot of furniture, so the couple shopped together to fill each space. With an eye for beautiful products for the home, this was a process Nicole thoroughly enjoyed.

“Through my work, I find so many treasures. My apartment in Amsterdam was too small to collect things, but the farmhouse allowed me to finally get some of these pieces and give them a nice place in our home.” One of Nicole’s favourite brands is House Doctor, a Danish label she also sells in her webshop “It’s affordable and of good quality,” Nicole explains.

The grey corner sofa in the living room is an item Michiel purchased when he lived on his own. The cushions on the sofa are from La cerise sur le gateau, a brand Nicole endorses in her webshop. Beside the sofa, is a second hand black vintage chair. The couple drove to Brussels to find one at an antique market and design fair, but didn’t succeed and drove back to the Netherlands with an empty van. In the end, they found the black vintage chair on Marktplaats, and online marketplace for used and vintage items in the Netherlands (similar to Craigslist). Small coffee tables, one white one and a black one by Hay, maintain a sense of spaciousness in the room. The hand-knotted carpet, as well as the one in the dining area, was purchased at De Munk Carpets.


The couple’s self designed and made floor-to-ceiling bookshelf was created using MDF boards. Michiel did all the carpentry and Nicole the polishing and painting. “It was not an easy job, but I really wanted this bookshelf,” Nicole says. “One day, we will move back to Amsterdam and the knowledge that we won’t be able to move this bookshelf with us makes me sad already.”

A segment of the bookshelf continues around the wall, connecting both parts of the living room and acting as a display for Nicole’s favourite objects.


The couple purchased their dining table at Raw Materials, an Amsterdam-based furniture shop. Above it, are two white Muuto lamps. The white Panton chairs were a Marktplaats find, while the yellow one was purchased new from Loods5, a large Dutch furniture store where Nicole sells her products.


The couple painted their monochromatic kitchen, brining in blue accents for a bright and cheerful space to begin the day. The kitchen table is by House Doctor and the blue cabinet was purchased at Loods5.




Adjacent to the kitchen is a guest room, where the couple accommodate their friends and family, boasting the same light and airy aesthetic as seen in the rest of the house. Many of the accessories can be purchased in Nicole’s webshop. The dotted cushions are a La cerise sur le gateau creation, while the concrete light beside the bed is from CP Collections.






The couple cleverly created a workplace in the hallway upstairs, a cosy space just under the diagonal roof that would otherwise have remained unused. Nicole uses this space to update her webshop, create new items for her own label Studio Circus making posters and postcards for kids rooms. A newly placed roof window means the space received ample light, while the black modern lights above the staircase add a modern touch to the rustic space.






Upstairs, the master bedroom features the original wooden beams, painted white. Mint green and pastel tones create a fresh and light atmosphere, offsetting the old vintage chestnut desk and chair which belonged to Michiel’s great-grandmother. Wooden blinds in chestnut and a bamboo light overhead add warmth to the space, while the carpet brings the full colour palette altogether and adds a playful element.



IMG_3160lowres13 Tyn's nursery features crisp whites with blue accents and naturally, a few posters from Studio Circus, a co-creation from his own mum.


With ample space to spare, the couple were able to turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into a dressing room, which displays all of the couple clothing on neatly organized black clothing racks from IKEA. The runner is an item from Nicole’s webshop.


Light and bright, yet with the characteristics of the old farmhouse it once was, Nicole and Michiel created a comfortable family abode blending Nordic sensibilities with subtle ethnic touches. “For me it is important to be happy when I come home, it has to feel right and this house does,” says Nicole. “Besides that, a house needs enough space to draw back whenever you feel the need.”

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s tour! What are some of your favourite things about this home? My favourite things about this home are all the old wooden beams throughout and the huge self-made bookshelf and the cheerful blue cabinet in the kitchen. See you here again soon – Holly M.

(Photography, words and styling: Holly Marder | Avenue Lifestyle | Editorial assistant: Lotte Herink) 

Home Tour: Family Friendly Home in Australia

Hello friends, how are you today? I received such a nice email from Stella, a blogger and homeowner living along the central coast in Australia with her family, who wanted to share her home with all of us. Yay! It is surprisingly quite rare that homeowner's contact me, why is this? I don't get it, I'm not a tiger, I won't bite. They seem so shy or think I would not be interested for some reason but please don't be, I love seeing how people live and though I cannot publish all home stories, my goal is one per week so help me people! Saratoga-5017

Ok! So come out from hiding you people with your stylish homes, because we want to feature your world on decor8.

Okay, enough about that. How about a little show and tell? Stella, her husband Michael and their children Eva Grace (2.5 years old) and Luca (14 months) live in this lovely space in a part of the world that I'm longing to visit- Australia. What's with Australia anyway? Beautiful beyond words but then you have all of these great blogs and foodies there, incredible stylists and the homes. Oh the homes. Always so light-filled and posh.


Stella teaches English studies and literature at their local University and her husband owns a golf business and they live about an hour away from gorgeous Sydney. That's their dining room above. Their home was built in the mid century and hasn't been renovated in about 30 years so, despite how aged it was, when they were shopping for a home in a neighborhood they'd be hoping to live, they snatched it right up in "as is" condition because all of the homes were selling so quickly and they were tired of missing out. 

When they viewed their current home they commented that, "We instinctively sensed this was an opportunity that we had to jump on. The waterview, the outlook, were its greatest features. Other appealing features were; loads of natural light, north facing, corner block, high ceiling and of course its natural backdrop. The home is very bright and airy." Since moving in, they knew it was the best choice as they never tire of the water views and find it a tranquil spot after a long day chasing toddlers.


"Another plus to our home is the layout. It feels seamless and flows well from one space to the other because it is so open I can be preparing dinner in the kitchen and I can see the kids playing in their rooms." When Stella mentioned this is made me think about how layout is so critical when you have children. When you are a single couple, you have more freedom at home. You don't think about whether the children can hear the television at night or whether you can see the baby playing on the living room floor while you are preparing dinner. These things suddenly become very important once children arrive.


I asked Stella where they like to shop for furniture and decorating objects and she confessed, "Our home is littered with bits and pieces from our travels, flea market finds and some pieces from furniture stores like FreedomCountry Road and for the furniture in the kids room we love Ikea because it is extremely functional and durable." Stella loves Scandinavian style best and tries to bring a nordic vibe to her home, "Our home feels open and fresh, we don’t have a lot of accessories. I like functional furnishings with a neutral palette. We have clean lines, whitewashed floors and a warm colour theme," all are the hallmarks of Scandinavian decor.


There is lovely Stella and her little one shown above and below, there is a bit of an interview I had with her so she can share her house pride with you in her own words. I love it when people talk about where they live and you can tell their faces are glowing as they speak...




What do you love the most about your home? 

Stella: Being so close to the water is a blessing. We often take the kids down to the water for a picnic and to feed the ducks and see the pelicans. We find it such a joy to unwind at the end of the day in a home we love with the people we love. When we have no schedule or events to attend, we love our time together as a family. Most weekends will start with eating pancakes around the kitchen breakfast bench. Michael loves to cook on his days off and the open plan kitchen makes it possible to be cooking and still engaging and interacting with the family. The kids will usually do some craft and drawing on the dinning room table and then we might go for a walk to see the ducks and fish at the waterfront. At the end of the day Michael and I will unwind with a cup of coffee on our deck, catching up on some reading and watching the sunset over the water. Our home is bright and charming and it’s always easy to just stay at home.




What is your favorite piece in your home?

Stella: The cream David Edmonds Platter on the bench top is one of my favourite pieces in the home. My husband bought it for me soon after we got engaged. It is a sculptural piece that adds a touch of art to our kitchen. Also our bed linen is Vintage Washed Linen. It is pure, lightweight linen and gives a lovely lived in look. It is extremely soft and durable and always looks so fresh. 

How do you define “home”?  

Stella: Simply this -- All the riches in the world mean nothing without a home. 

What are some tips for keeping a stylish home with children? 

Stella: When you have children it’s important that they know where their things should go. That way tiding up time is more easier.  We have baskets scattered around the house, canvas bags and natural baskets that store lots of books and toys. It helps us feel organised gives everything its place.





What is your dream piece for your home?

Stella: I would love to find a piece of art that I can not live without. That would make a statement and would stir something in me overtime I looked at it. 

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to decorating?

Stella: Trying to find pieces that are multifunctional and still beautiful. 

What comes natural when you're decorating?

Stella: Matching things with our clean lines and natural tones because I know our palette and the colours I am drawn to... I know if something will find its place in our home fairly quickly (or not).

How do you make simple, easy changes to the style of a room when you get bored and how often do you redecorate?

Stella: I play around with a vignette and change pieces around, I might add an unusual look vase with fresh flowers- that is a quick easy way to add life to a space. I am often rearranging things, I'll be looking through an interior magazine and walk away to change a single item around, for instance. It might be moving a frame or pulling similar items together like a vignette of similar coloured vases. I find inspiration to decorate all around me. 

Thank you Stella for sharing your corner of the world with us today. And dear readers, you can follow Stella on her Instagram if you'd like - just click here.

(photos: Maree Homer via Homes+ magazine)

Home Tour: Natural Living in Finland

I came across the most beautiful Finnish home and blog over the weekend while my little one was napping, called No Home Without You, based just outside of Helsinki. First, I adore the blog name because it's just so true. Many overlook this very simple truth about ours homes while installing new drapes and cushions: Interior objects don't make a home, people (or pets) whom you love, who live there with you, make it a home. The material "stuff" just makes it pretty and allows you to express your creativity while also creating a space that functions well enough to serve your needs. nothomewithoutyou1

Of course, in addition to those you love, many of us are very proud of our domestic skills and have decorating high up on our favorite things to do list. I certainly do. The blogger behind No Home Without You, Kaisa Palomaki, also loves to decorate which is evident in the photos she shares on her blog that you will see below - it's so serene, natural, inviting and beautiful. Kaisa has such a knack for pulling together a wonderful space with a very clear style that is all her own. I also love her DIY projects like this yarn art that she calls an Aztec Wall Hanging shown above her bed.







Do you spot anything that you instantly love? I love her prints (for sale in her online shop), throw rugs and bedding, her TV credenza and the wood with lights leaning against the wall in her living room - but I also love her deep and cozy sofa and her wooden floors too. Gorgeous.

(photography: Kaisa Palomaki)

Home Tour: Colorful Nostalgic Family Space

Are you ready for a colorful, lovely family home tour with a hint of nostalgia? Good! Hey everyone, it’s Holly Marder back again with another beautiful interior to share. And boy, do I think you’re going to love this home! Guida, who is Portuguese, and her Dutch husband Bas reside in a waterfront row house dating back to the early 1900's with their two sons Tomás and Emílio. Against a characteristic backdrop boasting solid oak floors and original architectural period detail’s, Guida’s style weaves vintage, industrial and modern items with daring lashes of color throughout resulting in a home that is bold yet calm, collected yet clean.

In search of a home that would comfortably accommodate their growing family, Bas and Guida found their dream house close to the town center of Delft, The Netherlands. “We knew immediately that this would be our home because of the space the house offered and the peaceful views of the boats passing by the front window,” Guida says.


The double entry way leading into an unusually large ground floor made this home unique to others they had seen in the area. Portuguese tiles contrast with clean white walls, setting the style tone to the rest of the house beyond a wide, glass-paneled door.

The house needed little work to make it home, though the couple broke through one wall to create a light and spacious open living and dining area and removed old carpeting from the upper floors and stairs, giving them a fresh coat of paint.

It’s about creating a space surrounded with things we love. For me, the house lives with us. It’s like a living creature because it changes and gets old with all of us.
— Guida


Inspired by the thrill of the chase and the harmonious connection between vintage and modern, Guida fills her home with treasures both old and new. “I love both old “forgotten” pieces as well as new design,” Guida says. “I love the idea of giving new life to objects and living with them and their stories.” Guida regularly hits antique markets, vintage shops and small interior design boutiques in search of pieces that will add character and a sense of nostalgia to her home. “I just love searching for something in particular and that feeling of suddenly discovering, among all other things, that little special green vase!” Guida draws her inspiration from interiors magazines and blogs, but doesn’t decorate according to a specific style, rather selects pieces that make an instant connection.


The first item the couple purchased after buying their home was the rosewood high board in their living room. “It has changed place three times and now the living room revolves around it.” The living room is decorated with items purchased at various vintage shops throughout Holland.


Some of the couple’s favorite pieces include the Piet Hein Eek vitrine cupboard, a lucky find on Marktplaats (a sorta Dutch version of Craigslist in the US) that is home to tableware and extra storage space that the adjacent kitchen was unable to provide.


Next to the vitrine cupboard, a vintage drinks trolley is used to display a collection of self made and vintage ceramic vases in shades of cream and blush. Above it, there is a vibrant screen printed painting in lashings of bold color.


The dining table, chairs (upholstered in vibrant green fabric from kvadrat) and wooden pendant were purchased at Edwin Pelser, a favorite interiors boutique in the Hague. The vintage kilim rug was brought back from a vacation in Marrakech.


The primarily white backdrop aside, Guida is experimental with color and has fun injecting bold hues into her home, though the decision making process and the eventual leap often takes months before a particular shade is introduced. “Before deciding on a color I have to be sure. Sometimes the idea is there but deciding takes time,” Guida explains. The kitchen - put in place by the property’s former owners - was given an exciting new look last summer. Guida chose a Bordeaux red, painting the cupboards, ceiling and walls to a very pleasing result. “At that time we were watching Boardwalk Empire which has beautiful scenarios with inspiring color palettes and I started to imagine the house in all various different color combinations. I’m still doing it!”.


Upstairs, the children’s bedrooms were inspired by favorite brands Tas-ka and String. The couple’s oldest son Tomás enjoys a large string system (not shown) offering ample storage space and an integrated desk for doing homework. Bursts of muted color and a fun selection of vintage accessories makes this room a fun and inspiring escape for the 7-year-old.


Next door, little Emílio’s bedroom is a calming space featuring pale yellow walls and an emerald green painted vintage bed.


The master bedroom features high ceilings and large sash windows with views onto the adjacent waterway. A soothing palette of whites and soft pinks makes this room a quite retreat for Bas and Guida. Many of the pieces in our home have been found around in shops, markets and internet. “You have to give it time, patience and dedicate a lot of time to the search,” Guida says. “I love the search, it’s like a treasure hunt. It’s a passion of mine to find pieces that will stay with us for years to come.”


Comfortably eclectic and effortlessly chic, Guida has created a beautiful nest filled with items dear to her heart. Above all, she has created an inspiring epicenter around which her family and social lives revolve.

Home is a cozy, lucid place where our family and friends come together. It is an extension of myself when I’m there all alone.
— Guida

With an acute eye for vintage and an innate ability to weave decades of design styles together, decorating her home has been an absolute joy for Guida.

So guys, what did you think? What were some of your favorite things about this home? I always love to read your comments below. I’d have to say my favorite things about this home (though this is a tough one because I adore every single thing from floor to ceiling) is the fabulous artwork and subtle details throughout, like that collection of vases on the drinks trolley. I love a lady with style! See you here again next month for my August home tour - Holly M.

(Photography, words and styling for decor8: Holly Marder, Avenue Lifestyle)