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Springtime Entertaining With Pink Confetti + Tulips

Hello everyone! April was a running joke with typical rainy-sunshiny-snowy-icy-rainy weather where I'm at in Germany yet I only had eyes for all the breathtaking "cotton candy trees" around filled with cherry blossoms. This month's tabletop column is a homage to this petal-confetti time of year and though I've not used cherry blossoms, they inspired this overall look for the perfect spring tabletop which is lovely for tea time.


For my flower bouquets I chose pale pink clove, dark ruby colored peony, white bleeding heart, tulip, fancy frill tulips, parrot tulips and ornamental cherry to bring the eye candy colors from outside to my table.

I have been inspired by decor8 columnist Anastasia's recent posting so much. You should absolutely take a look if you haven't yet! It made me want to start immediately with arranging spring flowers and cherry blossom branches in the oh so romantic way she did. Thank you for sharing dear Anastasia – you are such a flower poet!


There is no way around marble currently - it gives your table decoration a noble, trendy look and contrasts delightfully with the playful bouquets. You can do it yourself easily! I took plain glass vases and cut and applied self-adhesive marble foil I bought in the local building supply store. It is typically used to line drawers.


To go with the confetti theme I decorated the table with punched paper confetti in many shades of pink and different sizes over my table. My little son gave me a laugh when he – after watching for a while – told me not to arrange each dot by itself (more or less). "Just throw it mummy! It'll look much more natural!"... ha ha.... Uhm, yes, right! He knows his mother pretty well I'm afraid. It was a good reminder to not always true to aim for perfection when entertaining.


As I overdid it a little with punching I had so much confetti that it was enough for another DIY project so I decided to create a (very) long garland out of it by sewing the paper dots in a row with my sewing machine.


Surrounded by confetti and sweet colors I thought – we should certainly have a suitable cake! Here we go... Rhubarb Lemonade Cheesecake. It is partly my own creation. I chose my favorite cheesecake recipe from Annik Wecker (with white chocolate), added a layer of jelly made from organic rhubarb lemonade and rhubarb syrup-infused whipped cream.


I hope that this tabletop has given you some joy and I wish you all a great month of May! And thank you very much for your sweet words about my last tabletop column with the green theme (shown here), it means a lot to me to read your comments and inspires me to keep creating! See you again on June 6th with another tabletop. - Anke

Note: Please always be careful when arranging flowers with food! Research first. Though I took an image with my cake and a lush flower decoration around you should always check if your flowers are poisonous, in particular when eating together with kids.

(Photography, Styling, Text: Anke Illner/ Editor: Holly Becker)

DIY: Romantic + Classy Flower Arrangement In White

Hello dear decor8 readers, it’s Anastasia here again, with a fresh flower column! Traveling is a big passion of mine and two weeks ago I was lucky enough to make a trip to the Baltic Sea. Often I get asked where inspiration finds me. It’s exactly trips like this these that make me go home fully energized, with a vision that needs to be shared. Anastasia Benko for decor8

At the Baltic Sea, I was expecting a windy, stormy and dramatic coast. My other expectation included sunny but crisp cold days, beginning with a white frost. Let me tell you, none of it happened! It was all an illusion because when we arrived the sun disappeared and a hazy curtain covered the scenery.At first, it was disappointing since I like to wander around all day, discovering details so I can bring back an enormous selection of photographs. None of this became reality as most photos turned out to be quite boring, without any contrast. I took a few snaps, but then I decided to put the camera aside and to just enjoy my weekend off. However, I did notice one thing that took me by surprise: the natural light is different in northern Germany versus where I'm from... Despite the hazy weather, my surroundings were illuminated with a certain brightness, regardless of whether I was indoors or out. Having experienced this kind of light, I had to bring home this feeling and wanted to create a translucent, crystal-clear and pure flower arrangement for all of you today.

I decided to use delicate white ranunculus and white parrot tulips since they are in season here and since, if you are a little like me, you can’t wait for spring to arrive and to me ranunculus and tulips are the most gorgeous signs of spring! Having waited for a long time, I'm ready for the bright, sunny months to arrive!

Anastasia Benko for decor8

The first thing I did before beginning the arrangement is that I created a gorgeous origami trend-inspired paper tile wall as a proper backdrop. I then used a large black metal vessel and floral foam to stabilize the abundance of flowers and begin to clip and sculpt my flowers in place.

Anastasia Benko for decor8

I first put in some large ranunculus into the floral foam, the stems looking in all directions to balance the big floral arrangement.

Anastasia Benko for decor8

Anastasia Benko for decor8

Little by little, I added smaller stems and also, the parrot tulips.

Anastasia Benko for decor8

In the end, I added some twigs to the bottom, but only on the left side to give it an interesting and modern look, though it's still quite romantic. I stepped back and saw that I had created an exhilarating floral arrangement that reminded me of the trip to the Baltic Sea and the exceptional light there! Wild, white and natural.

Anastasia Benko for decor8

My wish is that this arrangement brightened up your day and I'm looking forward to bring you more happiness in the next flower column, when I'll be back here on April 18th. See you again soon! - Anastasia

(Text, Photography, Styling: Anastasia Benko. Editor: Holly Becker)