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5 Spring Gift Wrap Ideas

Hello everyone, are you ready for some gift wrap inspiration for Spring? I really enjoyed putting together this post for you about gift wrap ideas for your upcoming celebrations. My fingers are crossed that you will like it too. Using some wrapping paper from Zazzle along with goodies from my craft closet, I pulled together 5 pretty gifts for 5 different types of people and occasions, all with a fresh Spring theme. zazzle_giftwrap_1

Before deciding how to wrap your present, you have to consider who it is for and the colors that you think the recipient will like the most. Collect all of the little elements. You won't use them all, but at least you have them laid out before you to build your ideas from.


1. TEENAGE BOY BIRTHDAY - My first gift is for a pretend nephew with the first name Andrew, and he just turned 12. So I went with something that could be a little childlike but also cool teenage boy, too.

zazzle_giftwrap_4 I used two gift wraps from Zazzle, the Black and White Modern Concrete Pattern Wrapping Paper and the Customizable Black & White Grid Pattern Gift Wrap. I created a band using the Grid Pattern wrap, then I pulled out a straw from my kitchen stash and formed an "A" using scissors, then with black washi tape, I wrapped it together and added copper wire to the top.

zazzle_giftwrap_5 I really love the Black and White Modern Concrete Pattern Wrapping Paper. I have so many more ideas for it but this one works for a teenage boy. I added some stars for a little fun and tied the A with gold leather.

zazzle_giftwrap_10 For these two gift ideas, I've used the Modern Black and White Dalmatian Spots Wrapping Paper and the Black & White Grid paper. With various papers, handmade crepe paper flowers, washi tapes, etc. I created these two gifts shown below. I find it really helpful to decide on everything you want for the gift by land things side by side on a white bare table so it becomes a bit of a mood board to you. As you look at everything with a critical eye, you start to come up with some clever and creative combinations. The key is not to stress or think to hard. And have fun! Create some fun arrangements with color and pattern. Inject your own style and personality into your wrapping as well as taking into consideration the recipient - their age, gender, occasion, etc.


BIRTHDAY TODDER BOY (OR GIRL) - This little gift, using the Modern Black and White Dalmatian Spots Wrapping Paper, is for my little boy who turned TWO this week. Instead of hiding such a pretty card away, I thought it should be part of the display so I folded back the envelope flap and tucked it into the front. I really love this paper, it's so versatile and I can see doing all sorts of creative projects with it.


EASTER BRUNCH FOR FEMALE FRIEND - Here is what became of the Black & White Grid paper and the flowers I showed a moment ago (above) laid out. I formed a little paper cone, put the flowers inside and hung some ribbons through the bottom and secured around the cone. It's so simple and easy but very graphic and makes a bold statement. This is a gift for a stylish girlfriend, one who is a Kate Spade kind of girl - a bit preppy and definitely loves bold and graphic design.


MOTHER'S DAY - My next gift idea is with the Gold Foil Polka Dots Modern Teal Mint Metallic Wrapping Paper and some supplies from my closet, including origami papers and washi tape. This is a very Japanese-inspired look. It's for Mother's Day, I know she loves pretty pastels and delicate prints.


BABY SHOWER - I did the same thing with the card as I did earlier, I let the card show on the front of the package. I've used the Faux Bois Wrapping Paper and then the Herringbone Pattern Faux Gold Foil Teal Geometric Wrapping Paper to create a thin band around the gift. You'll notice that I didn't end up using a lot of ribbon on any of my gifts. I think it's because I'm currently not that into it as much as I was in years' past. We all go through phases. Currently, my obsession is paper of all kinds. Oh, and I tucked a Aqua Blue Very Merry Christmas Gift Tag inside, I just used the opposite side so you can't see the "Very Merry" message. I believe in reusing Xmas tags all year round so they don't go to waste.


Those are some of my gift wrap ideas. I hope they've inspired you.

Other papers I have from Zazzle that I have used and love (not shown on my gift ideas) include: Tiny Trees Wrapping Paper Gold Foil Polka Dots Modern Holiday White Metallic Wrapping Paper Herringbone Pattern Faux Gold Foil White Geometric Wrapping Paper Black and White Stripes Wrapping Paper Coral and Blue Girly Plaid Gift Wrap Fresh Winter Evergreens Faux Gold Foil White Arrows Pattern Wrapping Paper

This post was created in collaboration with Zazzle. All words, text and opinions are my own.

(Photography, Styling, Text: Holly Becker)

Zazzle For Weddings + Win $150 Gift Card

Hello everyone! I have another giveaway this week on the blog (comment on this post to win $150 from Zazzle!) and I'm sharing some pretty things from Zazzle below that I love for weddings and parties in general that I photographed today. I am such a fan of Zazzle and enjoyed working with them to select favorite things for weddings -- I picked invitations that I love, table numbers, favor bags and tissue paper that I then turned into bunting and a table runner that you can use at a bridal shower or a home-style wedding if you're going for something more homemade. Zazzle3

Zazzle has some great invitations as you can see from my selection above, all are super customizable from paper stock to color, layout, envelope choice, even edging (scalloped, tag, rounded corners, etc.). I find it a great way to create something from your heart if you don't have the budget to hire out for hand lettering, you are not a graphic designer or you simply want to try making your own invitations because it feels more personal that way (we made our own together for our wedding and it worked out great).




They also have a lot of beautiful party favor bags to choose from, I like the cream, white and kraft brown personally for weddings. You can customize everything to make the bags special to you. I think the kraft brown would be great for an Autumn wedding and also perfect for a spring wedding with a natural theme.


As for table numbers, Zazzle has those covered too. Here are some of my favorites above. I actually love the idea of mixing and matching them like this but some of you may prefer using just one style which is also beautiful and much cleaner and more modern. They are all really great quality and I especially love 3, 10, 11 and 12. Which are your favorites above?


So, I have this thing with tissue paper. I'm obsessed lately! I ordered some from Zazzle thinking I'd show you how pretty it looks to wrap around favor boxes but then I thought to think outside of the box (!) and do something unusual. So I made a table runner and bunting. Unusual yes, easy yes, budget-friendly OH YES. To make the runner, you just lay the sheets from Zazzle (they are small, 10" x 15") in a row down the center of a table and tape them together using washi tape. When you finish the whole thing, you then fold the tape under and you're done, a runner! You can, of course, leave it on a long table OR you can put it on a buffet cabinet like I did. This could be a darling idea for a bridal shower, right? And the leftover pieces made me think that I should avoid wasting them... So I cut the sheets in half, then folded them over and hung them on a string that I secured to the wall using simple pins. EASY. I really love how it came out...



I hope that you like my Zazzle picks for weddings and I also want to encourage you to enter our drawing so you can win $150 in free products from Zazzle - your pick! This giveaway is open worldwide and will be closed on September 18th. You can enter once daily by simply commenting below with your favorite love song in celebration of love, romance and weddings!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

WINNER: Izzy from Near Noise - congrats Izzy!

(One entry per person, per day. One entry per household. This post is in partnership with Zazzle. All opinions and photography are my own. Photography and styling by decor8, LLC.)