Established in 2006 as one of the first design blogs in the world, decor8 is a thoughtfully edited interior design, travel and lifestyle site featuring stories and products to keep readers inspired and in-the-know on topics they love most.


Holly Becker

FOUNDER/EDITOR. Holly is an American Author, Stylist and Design Expert who launched decor8 (pronounced decorate) in 2004 as a small interior design studio in Boston while still a student in design school. In 2006, this blog was founded to document her decorating inspirations and to reach like-minded people with a passion for interiors. Over 11 years later, Holly is considered a pioneer of the design blog movement, has won multiple awards for her work online and off, and is truly a tastemaker and influencer with a global following of over 2 million.

Holly is also a best-selling author with four books published under the “Decorate” series that are available in nearly twenty languages worldwide. She also hosts a series of e-courses under her other business, Blogging Your Way, and has taught over 8,000 students and companies globally about blogging, social media, interior styling and photography.

Traveling, taking photos, collaborating with leading brands, teaching and giving lectures at some of the most influential design and industry fairs in the world, are just some of the things that Holly is actively involved on a regular basis.

Holly works in both North America and Europe. She is currently based in northern Germany. She is represented by her literary agent Maria Ribas at Stonesong in New York City.



Jessica Senti

ASSISTANT/PROJECT MANAGER. Jessy has been the Assistant to Holly Becker and a Project Manager for decor8 for nearly 5 years. She started her career in the corporate world and while she loved many aspects of her job, she had no real passion for her former line of work. This was the fire she needed to go back to school to study Interior Design at The Art Institute and then Architecture & History at The University of Minnesota. Jessy enjoys learning and experiencing new things as well as sharing that knowledge and experience with others.

A perfectionist by nature, she has a great eye for what is needed in any given situation and always loves to have a project in the works. Jessy has a passion for all things creative, but is particularly interested in interior styling, floral arranging, and event planning.

Along with her position at decor8, she also has her own blog. An American expat, she recently relocated from Minneapolis, MN to the tiny country of Malta.

She is happily married to her husband Jason and together with their dog, they are expecting the arrival of their first child in Fall 2017.


Anke Illner

MONTHLY COLUMNIST, GERMANY. Anke has a passion for tasty food, the Netherlands, Scandinavian interior design and organizing gatherings centered around good food, friends and great decor. Traveling the world gives her inspiration and she brings it to her home, recipes and decor style.

Anke works in the airline industry, but explores her creative side through her blog, fantasTISCH, where she focuses on her favorite theme – tabletop decoration.

Her column on decor8 focuses on eye-catching tabletop ideas that are welcoming, seasonal and easy for you to create at home no matter where you live or what supplies you have access to.

Anke lives in Germany with her husband and two cheerful sons.

Mel Chesneau Bio decor8.jpg

Mel Chesneau

MONTHLY COLUMNIST, SWEDEN. Mel is an Australian transplant living in Stockholm who has always had a passion for interiors and timeless design. When her family recently had the opportunity to be based in Sweden, she didn’t hesitate to experience the Scandinavian way of life. Mel wholeheartedly embraces the local aesthetics of Nordic living which embodies cozy decor coupled with clean lines and quality, functional design.

With this first-hand knowledge, Mel keeps decor8 readers up-to-date with the latest styles, product releases and designers coming out of Sweden today.

As a freelance writer, Mel also authors her own award-winning interior and lifestyle blog called Styled Canvas. She lives in Stockholm with her French husband and their three bilingual children.



Agata Dimmich

MONTHLY COLUMNIST, ITALY/POLAND. Agata is the creative mind behind Passionshake, where she shares bits of her work and life, design finds and ideas for a happy living. With a focus on interior and prop styling, photography and content creation, Agata works primarily as a stylist. She is passionate about everything visual – whether it’s a beautifully styled shot or interior corner, she enjoys lending her aesthetic direction to deliver high quality results.

Her column on decor8 focuses on styling tips to make your home and daily moments pretty and instagrammable!

Agata collaborates with a variety of clients including brands both large and small in Europe. Her work has been featured in many lifestyle and interior magazines and books including Elle Decoration, Best of Interior, Grazia and Living.

Agata is originally from Poland but met the love of her life and ended up with her Italian sweetheart, Felice, in Milan. Currently, Agata is pulling together her wedding planned for 2018 - a lot of fun (and stress!) for a stylist, as you can imagine!