Laurie Smith + Hancock Fabrics

I need to come clean. I haven't watched a single episode of, "Trading Spaces", since January 2002, or anything else design related, for that matter. Yes, I am an Interior Design consultant, so you'd think I'd be all about the cable line-up of back to back Queer Eye and Designing for the Sexes. But, surprise, I'm not. I actually remember the last time I watched Trading Spaces on cable. It was on a snowy day in January 2002, when we lived in a huge restored barn loft in Massachusetts near the New Hampshire state line. The episode featured my then favorite designer, Laurie Smith, decorating a bedroom in her colorful 50s-70s signature style. Over the years, I've googled Laurie, admiring her design work featured on various websites, but it was only recently when she published her first book (only $15 on Amazon!), that I started to take an interest to her again. Her whimsical color palette of green, chocolate, orange, violet, and yellow, inspired by 50's-70's design, really pop. With the release of her inspiring book, she's launched the Laurie Smith fabric line sold exclusively at Hancock Fabrics. Of course, after seeing them, I immediately started planning the future of my living room. The photo shown was taken today of my living room. The panels and pillows are all from the Laurie Smith collection, handmade by me (which you can tell if you flip over the panels and see my drunken seams.) The fabric is very inexpensively $18-25 per yard, and excellent quality from what I can tell so far. The fabric was also very easy to work with. If you have any questions about the fabrics I selected, please comment below.