Wallwords + Wonderful Graffiti

Last summer, my client expressed that she wanted her living room to feel very Parisian. An owner of a French theme coffee shop, and a frequent visitor of Paris, she wanted to recreate a relaxed elegance in her space to mimic the unique ambiance that is Paris. She also adores quotes, and was quite obsessed about having them all over her house, preferably in every room. We finally agreed on one elegant quote, in French, over a guild gold mirror displayed above her fireplace mantel. I then hibernated for a few days like most designers, looking for the perfect quote resource outside of hiring an artist to hand-paint something for her. After researching countless magazines, thinking I'd never find anything, viola! mission accomplished, I discovered Wallwords. Upon viewing their website, I quickly contacted a distributor and together we selected the perfect font style, color, and size using photographs and measurements of the clients' space. In the meantime, my client spent days trying to figure out the exact quote she wanted. After days of indecision, she decided on the perfect quote. Within days, it arrived promptly, was effortless to install (20 minutes) and cost a mere $55 (including s+h). Best of all - it looked quite amazing. Wallwords do not stain or destroy your walls, a blessing for renters, because they peel right off when you vacate your space. They're also great for homeowners that decide to repaint the walls or ditch the quote altogether - simply peel it off! I never thought I'd say this about press-on words, but Wallwords are absolutely stunning because they look hand-painted. I recently came across another removable typography company called Wonderful Graffiti. They specifically target interior designers by advertising in Interior Design and in the American Society of Interior Designer's Icon magazine (where I found them). They also have professional typographers on staff to help customers customize the Graffiti to their space and been featured in several magazines and in the news. I've never dealt with them personally, so I can only suggest Wallwords since I'm aware of their final product, but I'm sure Wonderful Graffiti is worth looking into.

You never know, maybe you'll be the next to install, "Eat Ice Cream and Run Naked" in your space, in French of course. Which is, by the way, what my client selected. Yes, I'm dead serious.
(photo: Wonderful Graffiti)